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Pool Room Support FAQs


Touch Screen

How do I activate the touch screen? It appears black.

Activate the touch screen by pressing firmly with your hand anywhere in the screen. The screen has gone in power save mode.

How do I turn the touch screen off?

The touch screen has a time delay power save mode — and so once you have finished using the equipment shut down the projector and the touch screen will auto power off after a preset time.

How long may I wait before turning on the touch screen after power down?

The touch screen is always available for use. However, you may not be able to power up the projector after a shut down for several minutes — any delay will be displayed on the touch screen equipment.

How do I turn the projector on?

You should use the touch screen control panel to active all of the equipment in the room including the projector. The computer must be manually switched on if not already on (look for a green power LED to signify the computer is on)

How do I blank the data projector so I can use overheads on the screen?

Where possible use an alternative screen, especially if you want to frequently switch between the data projector and OHP. Where an alternative screen is not available or unsuitable you may press the "b" key during a power point presentation to blank the screen.  You may power down the projector using the touch screen, but this will force you to wait several minutes before being able to switch the projector back on.

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Audio & microphones

How do I adjust the microphone volume?

After you have selected the data source on the touch screen you will see a volume up and down control which adjusts the volume control of the entire audio system. It is not possible for a user to adjust the microphone level separately. If there is a problem with sound levels contact the local AV technician in the first instance.

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Computer & Network

How do I log into the computer?

You may log into the computer the same as you would any networked imaged PC using your Novell username and password.

How do I use my laptop?

Many pool rooms have and audio and VGA fly lead for laptop connection. You must activate this input from the touch screen.

What is the local login facility?

The local login option will allow you to use the PC without any network connectivity as such you will not receive any network notifications that may cause disruption. Please note that if the local login option is selected there will be no Internet connection available.

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Lighting & screens

How do I control the lights?

Most pool rooms have a "LIGHTS" button which is visible on the touch screen panel. This will allow for full control of the lights. However some rooms may have traditional switch control lights for part or all of the room.

How do I control the screens in the Pool rooms?

Please consult the local AV technician as there is a large variation in screen design and control

How do I turn on the whiteboard lights on?

Where specific board lights are fitted they are often controlled from clearly labelled switches or from clearly labelled touch screen controls.

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How do I operate the DVD?

You must select the desired source on the touch screen panel. This may give you the ability to control the playback functions from the touch screen or you may have to user the buttons on the front of the player.