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Microsoft Excel 2013: Core Skills

This one-day introductory course is designed primarily for anyone new to using Microsoft Excel to enter and process information held in worksheets or workbooks. The content of the course will take you from scratch up to the point where you can build a worksheet to present and process numerical information using Microsoft Excel and as such will also be useful for anyone who has used Microsoft Excel previously but has limited knowledge of how it can be used to create formulae to process data or charts to present data visually.

Topics Covered

With worksheets commonly used as everyday office tools it is important to understand how information should best be stored and how data can be analysed using the functionality built into Microsoft Excel.

This course looks at the fundamental process of creating standalone worksheets for the simple analysis of data as well as linking data held on multiple worksheets for more complex analysis of data held in a workbook. Time will be spent building everyday calculations into formulae and also looking at how suitably formatted printable worksheets, including a chart, can be laid out.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • create and save a workbook consisting of multiple worksheets.
  • select the relevant parts of a worksheet and understand how these can be used when working with data.
  • correctly reference data held in a workbook to perform arithmetic calculations, using both standard operators and in-built functions, to process data held in your workbooks.
  • apply formatting to enhance the layout and appearance of text and numbers stored on a worksheet.
  • create and format charts to present data visually on a worksheet
  • customise the way in which worksheets and workbooks can be printed.


You must be familiar with the Microsoft Office interface and the use of the mouse and keyboard.

Course Duration

1 day - length of course 6 hours.


£95 for members of staff and students of Cardiff University.

£125 for non-profit making organisations, e.g. other universities, charities, and government bodies, including Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

£150 for commercial organisations (profit-making) wishing to book anyone onto this course.

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