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Configuring your browser to use the cache

If you are using a public access workstation or you have a PC with the standard XP image, then your browser(s) should be correctly configured to use the Web Cache.

If, however, you have installed the computer yourself, or you are using another operating system, then you will need to configure your browser yourself. Browsers generally adopt very similar conventions for proxy configurations.

Automatic vs Manual Configuration

We recommend, wherever possible, that users set their browsers to use an automatic configuration script which will use an appropriate cache. This is slightly easier to do than a manual configuration and it will also mean that we can update your browser automatically if we need to make a change in the cache service.

The appropriate configuration script is on the Cardiff Information server. The URL is

If, for some reason you cannot use the script or you would rather configure your browser manually, and you have problems doing so, please contact the IT Service Desk