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Search engines for specific types of information

Audio and video

Searches TV shows and movies.


Google Video

TRILT (Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching)
Radio and television programme index from the British Universities Film and Video Council.  It contains complete listings of schedules since 2001 for over 330 channels. New data is uploaded at least five days before transmission. You will need your Cardiff University network username and password to access this service.

Yahoo! Music

Yahoo! Video

Blogs and RSS feeds

Weblogs or blogs are short web based postings which are usually listed in chronological order.  Good blogs are updated regularly by the blog owner. They are often diaries or information updates focused on a particular topic so they can be useful for keeping your research up to date. Beware that anyone can set up and run a blog and so you will need to make sure the information provided is accurate. 

RSS feeds provide subscribers with regular updates of newly added content to web sites including online journals, news sites and blogs. RSS feeds are often free but a reader is required to view them. You can view RSS feeds in the My RSS portlet within Cardiff Portal.  More information is available on the Cardiff Portal help web pages.

Here is a selection of blog search engines:

Click on the Blogs tab above the search box.

Provides a free RSS feed reader service following a brief registration process. You can search Bloglines for a range of blogs or add your own selections.

Browsys Power Search
Select the Blogs or Twitter tabs.

Google Blogs
Click on the Blogs tab.

Twitter Search

Books, journals and conference papers

The following services aim to only search for scholarly information such as journal articles and conference proceedings.  However, they should be considered complementary to rather than substitutes for the bibliographic databases for your subject.

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

Google Books
Shows snippets of books which match your search term.  In some cases it is possible to view sample pages or even the whole book depending on whether the publisher or author has given permission or the book is out of copyright.

Google Scholar
Searches for scholarly information on the Internet such as journal articles. 

Video: How to get the best from Google Scholar - 5 top tips

Video: How to access journals from off-campus using Google Scholar

A search engine currently in its testing phase, Refseek aims to retrieve academic information.  It searches web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals and newspapers.

Elsevier's search engine for scientific, technical and medical information.


Useful for tracing PowerPoint presentations, videos and Word or PDF documents.


Ask Images

British Library
Images from the British Library's extensive print and photo collections.  Useful for 'historical' images.


Photo sharing web site. Others include Photobucket and Photobox.

Google Images 

Images are freely contributed but you must abide by the morgueFile terms of use for each image. 


Yahoo Images


Google Maps UK  




Searches a range of UK broadsheet and tabloid online newspapers.

Google News UK 

Google News Archive Search 

UK News Portal.

Yahoo News