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Network Password FAQs

How do I change my network password or choose a new one?

Choosing a new password

Your new password will need to be at least six characters long (with a maximum length of 12 characters) and should be an apparently random string of characters. For increased security include at least one digit or punctuation character, and a mixture of upper and lower case letters. Please note that all Cardiff University systems recognise case sensitivity in passwords.

You will not be able to use previous passwords.

Please see our hints on choosing a password for further advice or use the password strength testing tool to check the strength of your password.


To change your password

(For security reasons none of the passwords you are prompted for will be displayed on your screen) :

You may change your own password by using the Password Management option on the Cardiff Portal home page.

While logged in to Windows :
1. Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys simultaneously.
2. Click on Change Password...
3. Type your old password in the appropriate box on the right.
4. Type your new chosen password (twice) in the appropriate boxes on the right.
5. Click on OK.
6. Your password has now been changed.


I've forgotten my network password, how can I get it reset?

Call into your library on the Cathays or Heath Park Campus, with your University identity card as identification.

If you are based at an external site, you will need to contact your  Local Computing Representative who will contact insrvConnect and confirm your ID on your behalf.