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Cardiff EDC Resources

Students in the EDC

Cardiff EDC is a source of expertise to information in electronic and paper formats concerning the European Union, the countries of Europe, and issues of concern to citizens, researchers and stakeholders in Europe.

The resources at our disposal include information from official European Union sources, organisations such as the UK Government, the Welsh Assembly Government, professional and trade associations, think tanks and research organisations, newspapers, periodicals and textbooks.



Electronic resources

European Sources Online

An increasing amount of European information is now available through electronic means, in particular the Internet. The primary electronic source of European information is European Sources Online. For details of other online resources see Finding out about Europe.

The EDC also has a growing collection of EU documentation on CD-ROM and DVD, including

  • Official Journal C and L series
  • Debates of the European Parliament
  • Reports from a variety of EU agencies and other organisations
  • Statistical publications produced by Eurostat.


Print resources

EDC books

Printed material held in the EDC consists of: 

European Union documentation

  • the texts of all adopted and proposed EU legislation
  • judgments of the European Court of Justice
  • research and statistical publications
  • background and explanatory material.

Other material

  • relevant material from inter-governmental organisations such as the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • information on the activities of pan-European organisations such as the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
  • UK official publications, including the reports of the House of Lords European Union Committee
  • journals and newspapers
  • reference publications and textbooks.

Please note that some older printed material has been archived as part of Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR). Access to these documents can be arranged on request - please ask at the EDC Enquiry Desk.


Arrangement of the collection

Core Collection

The Core Collection is intended to help users find information quickly and easily. The collection consists of four sections:

  • Reference Information: a selection of European reference sources, including texts of the EU Treaties, key statistics, directories, glossaries of abbreviations and acronyms, guides to sources of funding, and a range of encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Country Information: information sources on European regions, EU Member States and other European countries, including Wales
  • Basic Information: up-to-date introductory information sources on the institutions and activities of the EU, arranged by subject
  • Journals: More than forty academic journals with a European Union dimension.

Research Collection

The material in the Research Collection is useful for more specialist research and is arranged on the shelves by organisation:

  • European Commission
  • Other EU institutions and agencies
  • European organisations
  • UK organisations.

Finding material in the EDC

All journals and series held in the EDC, all items in the Core Collection, and selected items in the Research Collection are catalogued and can be traced on LibrarySearch. For help tracing uncatalogued material please ask the EDC staff.

Material in the Research Collection has a location mark starting with EDC followed by a number from 1 to 16. The collection is shelved on Tiers 1-4.

The Core Collection is shelved on Tiers 5-8.

New books and current journals are displayed separately.

A guide at the end of each tier gives a more detailed listing of the content.  If you need further assistance please use the guides provided on this page or ask the EDC staff who will be happy to help.

Please note: The material in the EDC is for use in the Centre only and cannot be borrowed. Books, journals and documents can be photocopied according to current copyright regulations. Lending copies of textbooks, journals and other material in heavy demand may be available in other Cardiff University Libraries and can be traced on LibrarySearch.