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Statistics for Social Work

A one stop gateway to the ESRC datasets from the 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 UK census.  To access many of the datasets, registration is required.  You may also need to login using your Cardiff University username and password.  2001 aggregate census is also available from InFuse. 2011 census data will be available on the Office of National Statistics web site as it is released.  It will be available from InFuse from March 2013.

CIPFA Statistics
Children’s Services Actuals, Children’s Services Estimates and Social Care Statistics Actuals available via the eLibrary. To access the statistics you will need to register with CIPFA using your email address.

  • Children’s Services Actuals:   
    Shows final outturn expenditure analysed over: early years, primary, secondary and special schools; education out of school, continuing education, children and young people’s services and capital expenditure and receipts. Also includes: unit costs per pupil; numbers of schools, pupils and teachers; gender, ethnicity and age profile of pupil numbers; exclusions; class sizes; exam results and information on pupil referral units.
  • Children’s Services Estimates:   
    Contains a wide range of financial data on all aspects of the Education Service and some non-financial data. It includes the number of schools, pupil numbers, pupils with special educational needs, early years and detailed information on local authorities' education budget statements, including: age weighted funding per pupil; Schools budget; LEA budget and Youth & Community.
  • Social Care Statistics Actuals:
    A detailed analysis of expenditure analysed between client groups: older people, people with a physical disability or sensory impairment, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health needs, Asylum Seekers and other adult services i.e. HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

UK Data Service
Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the UK Data Service provides quantitative and qualitative economic and social datasets including census data from 1971-2011. It is possible to search the site using the 'Discover' tool without registering but you will need to register to download data. Click on Register, select Login, then search for Cardiff University and enter your Cardiff University username and password. Complete the form and submit to register.

Provided by the Welsh Government, StatsWales contains Welsh statistics on a range of themes including education, health, crime, equality and social inclusion.

UK National Statistics
The UK National Statistics Publication Hub remains the first port of call for all those seeking the latest statistics from government departments in the UK. It is the central website for hosting all first releases of National Statistics. You can go straight to the Health and Social Care section of the site.