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Information Resources for Medicine

You will find medicine books and journals in the Health Library and the Archie Cochrane Library. Use LibrarySearch to locate them.

For further information please contact:

Mrs Lindsay Roberts

Telephone: 029 2068 8141Extension: Cathays Campus: 88141 / Heath Park Campus: 01798 88141Location: Health Library

Mr Rowland Somers

Telephone: 029 2068 8150Extension: Cathays Campus: 88150 / Heath Park Campus: 01798 88150Location: Health Library

Ms Rosemary Soper

Telephone: 029 2071 5497Extension: From Heath Campus: 0 1776 25497Location: Archie Cochrane Library


Health Library Contact Details

Phone:029 2068 8137

Archie Cochrane Library Contact Details

Phone:029 2071 5497