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Useful resources and links for Chemistry


Gateways to Chemistry resources

ChemBioFinder - is an online chemistry and biology reference database.

Chemdex - The original Sheffield ChemDex founded in 1993.

Chemical Database Service, Daresbury - The CDS is a service funded by the Chemistry Programme of the EPSRC providing chemical databases, help, training and information to all UK academics.

Chemistry 2000 - University chemistry departments and learned societies around the world. - A portal allowing cross-searching of numerous scientific journals and public science databases.

Scirus - A searchable gateway to science resources on the web.


Learning resources

Engage in research - This website has been designed to help science undergraduate students with advice and assistance on the most important aspects of scientific research you'll be involved in. Whether you're interested in research in general and want more information, or you're struggling with statistical analyses, you'll find the information here. You'll also find worked examples, exercises with answers, help sheets and quick quizzes to help you gauge your understanding.

Internet Chemist - A free "teach yourself" tutorial on Internet information skills for Chemists, Chemistry academics and Chemistry students.

WWW Virtual Library - Chemistry - The WWW Virtual Library is made up of a large number of subject sections compiled by volunteers expert in their subject areas. The chemistry section is maintained by the University of Liverpool.


Find chemical information

British Pharmacopoeia - An authoritative collection of standards and medicines in the UK. Includes monographs for the British, European and veterinary pharmacopoeias. Requires a password for use off-campus.

Chemical Structure Association Trust - The Chemical Structure Association Trust (CSA Trust) is an internationally recognized, registered charity which promotes education, research and development in the field of storage, processing and retrieval of information about chemical structures, reactions and compounds. This site is useful for finding information about awards, grants and conferences.

ChemIDplus - Useful site for defining and identifying substances. Maintained by the US National Library of Medicine.

Chemistry Preprint Archive - The current site is now a freely available and permanent web archive for those research articles already submitted to the Preprint Server run by Elsevier. Nothing has been added since May 2004. It is a small, but useful collection of articles and was originally available via Chemweb.(Registration Required).

Martindale - Current information on drugs and medicines, preparations, ingredients, pharmacological and therapeutic groups and diseases.

PubChem - Search for chemical structures using names, synonyms, keywords or by drawing a chemical structure as the query. Search for deposited chemical substance records and bioassay records.

The Chemical Thesaurus reaction chemistry database - This allows you to search for chemical entities, interactions, reactions and processes and to sort them. You can look for reactions which use or form chemical entities in the following categories - Real Entities by Name, Generic Entities, Reaction Generics, VSPER Geometries, Biologicals, Pharamceuticals or use the table of elements. The database is also searchable by synonym and gives some physical data. The web port is partly funded by The Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Centre.


Periodic table

ChemiPlus - Chemistry periodic table.

WebElements - This site provides key data relating to the elements of the periodic table, such as biology, crystal structures and NMR. Visitors can print their own copy of the Periodic Table from this site.


Safety and hazardous materials

Inchem - Chemical Safety Information from Intergovernmental Organizations - Rapid access to internationally peer reviewed information on chemicals commonly used throughout the world, which may also occur as contaminants in the environment and food.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) - Providing National and World Leadership to Prevent Workplace Illnesses and Injuries.


Organisations and institutions

American Chemical Society (ACS) -This site provides information about ACS Publications, journals, topical issues, jobs, grants, continuing education, meetings, chemical history and events. - is the leading comprehensive directory and search engine for chemical and related industry professionals. Our databases of websites include more than 75,000 chemical industry related entities and contain the full text of millions of pages. provides specialized search services for chemical names, jobs, market research and consultants. - The World Wide Club for the Chemical Community - Includes journals, databases, careers and conference details. Access to some databases and journals requires a subscription.

Institution of Chemical Engineers - The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is the global professional membership organisation for people with relevant experience or an interest in chemical engineering. We are the only organisation to award Chartered Chemical Engineer status.

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - Details of IUPAC nomenclature recommendations.

Society of Chemical Industry - The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) is an international forum where science meets business on independent, impartial ground.

The Royal Society - This covers all sciences and particularly comments on policy and developments as well as publishing highly ranked journals.

The Royal Society of Chemistry - The Society is a major publisher and provider of chemical information. It supports the teaching of chemistry at all levels, organises hundreds of chemical meetings a year and is a leader in communicating science to the public. The site includes links to special interest groups, support for different aspects of chemistry, RSC awards and e-mail alerting services, funding, awards, medals, Parliamentary activities, Foresight activities and the RSC Library and Information Centre, which includes a library catalogue, new publications, links to useful chemistry information resources on the Internet and to membership information.