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Hints and tips

Here are a few hints and tips for using information services more sustainably, at work or at home:

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At work...

  • Save energy
    • Switch off IT equipment when it is not in use – but please consult the owner of the equipment, your Local Computing Representative, or a technician first.
    • To power down a PC which is running the standard University Windows image, you can simply log out. The Cardiff University System for PC Powersaving will automatically power down the PC to standby, where it will use very little power until it is needed again.  (To check the image, click the Start menu and choose All Programs - if you can see CardiffApps as a menu option, then the PC has a standard University Windows image). Alternatively, you can simply shut the PC down from the start menu.
    • If you use a computer screensaver, ensure it is a low power one: for example, a standard Windows logo screensaver - or switch it off completely if it is not needed.
    • Set the monitor to power down when not used, if this is not already enabled.
  • Save paper
    • Use duplex (double-sided) printing where available and appropriate, to save paper. For more ideas, please see our Tips for More Sustainable Printing. Within your academic school, please consult your school technician and budget holder where appropriate on printer purchase and the use of duplex printing.
    • Use Learning Central where appropriate to use and distribute lecture notes
  • Reduce travel carbon
  • Purchasing and recycling
  • Additional advice
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At home...

  • Save energy
    • Turn off PCs/Macs and printers/peripherals when not in use
    • Change your power management settings to ensure you use a low-power or disabled screen-saver, and that the monitor powers down when unused
    • Use a "plug-in power and energy meter" to measure how much energy is being used by different appliances. These are available for around £15 online or from DIY shops
  • Save paper
  • Recycling
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of your waste carefully - find out more information from Waste Awareness Wales.
    • Donate books to charity when you no longer need them. Recycle books, magazines and newspapers where you can rather than sending them to landfill.

We also welcome your ideas on how to use Information Services more sustainably.