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New Year One Students Enrolment Information 2014 - 2015

This information is for students taking degrees in the six Humanities & Social Studies Schools:-

ENCAP - English, Communication & Philosophy

MLANG - Modern Languages

SHARE - History, Archaeology & Religion

JOMEC - Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies

MUSIC - Music (except BMus)

WELSH - Welsh

Associate Schools for Joint Honours students only:

CARBS - Cardiff Business School - for Economics

LAWPL – Law & Politics – for Politics

MATHS - School of Mathematics

SOCSI - School of Social Sciences - for Education and for Sociology


There are different regulations for the different degrees but all students must take 120 credits.

BA degrees – most students have to take three subjects in the first year with each subject worth 40 credits. These will be your Single Honours subject and two Additional Subjects, or your two Joint Honours subjects and one Additional Subject. In some cases you may be required to take up to 80 credits in your Single Honours subject.  You may not choose separate, free-standing, individual modules.  For more details click BA Year One Programme Structure.

BScEcon degrees – for most students this will consist of your Honours subject(s), but some will need to take additional modules to bring their total to 120 credits. For more details click BScEcon Year One Programme Structure.

You cannot change your degree programme without the prior permission of the school(s) involved.


To successfully complete Year One Enrolment, please read the Year One Enrolment Information 2014-2015. This one document contains all the information you need for the enrolment process, but its contents have also been individually listed below for quick reference.

Essential Information for School/Subject Enrolment

Year One Subjects

Additional Subject(s) Proforma

Timetable Groups

Introductory Talks

List of "home" schools for all Humanities & Social Studies Degree Programmes

Definition of Terms

Summary of Year One BA & BScEcon Enrolment Stages



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