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Equality and Diversity

Dyslexia and Other Specific Learning Difficulties

1/2 day

All schools in Cardiff University will have at least one student with a specific learning difficulty.  By far the majority of these will be dyslexic, but the numbers of students identified as having other specific learning difficulties, such as dyspraxia and dyscalculia and overlapping conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome are increasing. There is now considerable expertise in the identification and support of adults with specific learning difficulties – in further and higher education and employment. Students are regularly being identified as dyslexic for the first time at undergraduate and even at postgraduate level. This half-day course seeks to increase awareness of specific learning difficulty amongst those responsible for teaching and advising students and to examine ways in which university students with specific learning difficulty can be identified and supported. It is preferable that this course be delivered to members of the same school so that issues specific to the courses of study can be addressed. However, the course can be adapted to meet the needs of groups and individuals wishing to learn more about specific learning difficulty and any help that may be available to them as a student or employee.


Date to be confirmed