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Teaching, Learning & Assessment

'Could do Better': Improving Feedback to Students on Assessments

1/2 day

The outcomes from the NSS and other surveys have shown that feedback to students on assessed work is one of the areas that students are least satisfied with.  This session aims to help staff reflect on their current practice and identify ways through which practice can be improved.  It will both explore the reasons why students do not feel satisfied, and examine practical strategies that can help improve the student experience while not adding to staff workloads.

The course covers:

  • The reasons why students can be dissatisfied with feedback on assessments;
  • Student views as to what makes ‘good feedback’;
  • Strategies that have been shown to improve student satisfaction with assessment and feedback (and their learning), including consideration of:
    • Assessment methods and strategies;
    • Assessment literacy skills;
    • The importance of dialogue between staff and students;
    • The need to provide feedback that feeds forward.

UKPSF references:  A3, A5, K3, K5, V3

On completion of this course, it is expected that learners will be able to:

  • Reflect on the ways in which they provide feedback to learners on assessments;
  • Put in place strategies that engage and help learners to develop assessment literacy skills and provide more effective feedback;
  • Identify good feedback on assessments from the student perspective;

Explore different tools and techniques that can be used to provide effective feedback to learners on assessments.


2 February 2016

09:30 - 13:00

11th floor, McKenzie House, 30-36 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0DE