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In any organisation, a process of analysing or evaluating roles must take place in order to ensure that a new pay framework is fair and consistent.

HERA or Higher Education Role Analysis, is a job evaluation / role analysis scheme designed for use by the Higher Education Sector. It analyses a role through a questionnaire made up of 14 elements and 50 questions, which looks at the extent to which these aspects feature in the role.  The 14 HERA elements were decided after careful review and detailed studies involving hundreds of Higher Education staff in a total of 40 HEIs (including Cardiff), in order to accurately represent the diverse range of roles found in HEIs (each of the 14 elements are analysed by a trained Role Analyst).  

The use of HERA as a job evaluation process has the support of both University Management and the Trade Unions at Cardiff University.

The elements are as follows:

Teamwork & Motivation
Liaison & Networking                   
Service Delivery
Decision Making                          
Planning & Organising
Initiative & Problem Solving        
Analysis & Research
Sensory & Physical Demands   
Work Environment
Pastoral Care & Welfare            
Team Development
Teaching & Learning Support  
Knowledge & Experience

HERA's major function will be to underpin the Framework Agreement, but it will also be used to support: recruitment and selection; promotions; regradings; career and succession planning; and training and development for the University in the future.