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Career Pathways

Background and definition of Career Pathways

Career Pathways are defined as clusters of similar occupations that have established career routes and hierarchies.

Many Universities have adopted a Career Pathway approach. Cardiff University has gathered information from those Universities that are using Career Pathways and have also employed are extensive database of HERA job evaluation information to inform the development of Career Pathways that best represent the range and natural job groupings that we currently have at Cardiff University.

The proposal is that the following Career Pathways be created, which are based on the major occupational groupings found in Cardiff University and are largely self-explanatory. The Academic and Research Career Pathway is further catergorised as below in relation to the National Library of Academic Role Profiles.

1. Academic and Research

        i. Teaching and Research

        ii. Teaching and Scholarship

        iii. Research

2. Managerial, Professional and Specialist staff;

3. Administrative Support staff;

4. Technical Services

5. Operational Services;

Benefits of Career Pathways


There are a number of benefits to a career pathway approach:

  • Career Pathways provide the basis of natural groupings which can aid the development of Human Resources practices and procedures; for example recruitment and selection
  • Career Pathways often provide a clearly evident and identifiable career structure;

  • Career Pathways are more effective in identifying and reporting on the employment profile of the University.

  • Career Pathways can be utilised to develop and inform performance management processes in the University, for example appraisal.