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Employee Validation Exercise

The University is currently undergoing a process of checking and verifying the Personal Data held on all staff in our Human Resources database.

In the light of the current Pandemic Flu situation, the University needs to ensure your personal and emergency contact details are correct. In the next three weeks, each employee will receive a letter which will ask you to verify or update and complete any gaps.

The University is defined as a public authority in equalities legislation and has a legal duty not only to respect equal opportunities but actively to promote them. Included within the legislation is a requirement to assess the impact of policies, practices and procedures. In support of these policies and in line with our legal obligations to monitor this data we are seeking to verify and update your equality and diversity information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see the data?

Personal information will be held securely on the Human Resources Database (Compel) and accessed by authorised staff for business purposes only.

Equality and Diversity information provided is kept strictly confidential at all times. This information is only available to a restricted number of systems administrators.

How do I make changes if any data is out of date or incorrect?

Please update any changes on the form, marking clearly where changes need to be made. Then send the form back to HR in the envelope provided.

Will my School / Directorate be able to see my equal opportunity information?

No. Equal opportunity data on an individual basis is only available to a restricted number of systems administrators. All other users are only able to see summary reports of numbers or percentages.

What happens if I do not wish to fill in the equal opportunities section?

No individual member of staff is compelled to inform the University of any sensitive personal information, if you do not feel it appropriate to do so, unless by not doing so you are unreasonably endangering yourself or others. You will see that we have provided options that allow you to choose to withhold particular information if you so wish. The main aim of this data is to ensure that we continue to provide an inclusive and supportive environment in which our diverse community can live and work.

What happens to the form once it is sent back?

The forms will be stored securely and any changes will be updated on the system by a small number of systems administrators.

I have lost my form, what do I do?

Please e-mail or phone 79777 and we will organise for a new copy of the form to be sent out to you.

Where do I return the form?

Please return the form in the envelope provided. If there was no envelope provided please send it back to:

Employee Information Validation
HR Division
10th Floor
30-36 Newport Road
CF24 0DE

Please make sure it is marked “Private and Confidential”

My form is correct, do I need to return it?

Yes. Please sign the box at the front of the form and send it back in the envelope provided.

Why is this not done electronically?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have the technology which will allow us to do this securely.

How do I give feedback, comments or suggestions on this form?

Please e-mail

How do I request a form in another format, or in Welsh?

Please e-mail or phone 79386

Is there a deadline to return the form?

Please send the form back within 2 weeks of receiving it.



If your questions have not been answered please e-mail