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Technical and Research Skills: IT Skills

UNIX/LINUX: An Introduction

1 day

This session will introduce the UNIX/LINUX operating system. Topics covered in this course include:

  • discussion of the file hierarchy;
  • use of essential UNIX commands;
  • directory commands;
  • file and directory protection;
  • redirection of input and output;
  • accessing command information;
  • using network commands;
  • modifying environment variables;
  • setting terminal characteristics;
  • Bourne shell login scripts;
  • phases of shell interpretation;
  • creating and restoring archive files;
  • commands used to compress files;
  • the ex editor;
  • the vi edotor;
  • using grep to select records;
  • the sed editor;
  • using the sort command.

19 November 2013

04 February 2014

Training Room 1, Julian Hodge Centre, Colum Drive
09:00 - 17:00

Provider: UGC
Target Group: RS & PGR