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Engagement and Impact

Social Media: Understanding and Exploiting its Potential for Research

1/2 day

This session will introduce you a range of social media tools and the digital research practices they enable. Participants will have an opportunity to enhance their digital presence and explore a variety of approaches to networking and collaborating online. Particular attention will be given to ways that researchers can exploit social media to promote their work, share ideas and communicate with other researchers. There will be opportunity to discuss and debate issues and concerns with other researcher staff who are already successfully exploiting the opportunities afforded by social media.

Topics covered will include:

  • the benefit and value of social media for research practice;
  • hands-on introductory use of a range of popular social media technologies;
  • establishing and enhancing your online presence, blogging and networking;
  • identifying and exploring social technologies that support information sharing,  communication and collaboration;
  • case studies illustrating ‘the digital researcher’, showing how Social Media can be used effectively.

06 March 2014

Training Room 1, Julian Hodge Centre, Colum Drive
10:00 - 14:30

Provider: UGC
Target Audience: RS & PGR