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What does PWE mean to you?

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What does a positive working environment mean to you, and what do you do to enable this to become a reality where you work?  Members of staff from across the University have shared their opinions, ideas and priorities with us.


Martin Udwin Picture

Martin Udwin, Organisational Development Manager, Human Resources

“The thing that I enjoy most about working for Cardiff University is being myself and meeting people who care about their work.  As we spend a good deal of our waking hours at work. I personally, would not want to be upset, bored or frustrated for all that time. I want to be able to do a good job and be acknowledged for my contribution, and that is why I think a positive working environment is essential.  To me, there are two things that are most important for a Positive Working Environment: rules, decisions and procedures to be explicit rather than implicit and communication in the institution to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  If I could choose one thing that could be improved for staff at Cardiff University it would be more enthusiasm and confidence for leading and managing people.”


Karen Cooke, Organisational Development Manager, Human Resources.

Karen Cooke picture

“As we strive to continue to be a successful research based institution I believe the best way we can do that is working within a positive working environment.  We are a large organisation with a diverse staff base and supporting that staff base is essential to meeting the targets we have set as a University and for continuing to attract the best members of staff.  For me, the Positive Working Environment initiative is about creating a university community which recognises the importance of equality and diversity through effective leadership, management and communication.  The thing that I like most about working at Cardiff University is the wide range of people I work with and the pride I feel at what we all are capable of achieving now and in the future.  If one thing could be improved for staff at Cardiff University it would be to ensure consistent, effective and professional leadership and management across all areas of the University.”

Share your ideas and opinions on a positive working environment with us. Simply email us at:

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