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Celebrating Excellence Awards 2013

The Celebrating Excellence Awards represent the University's appreciation of staff who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and contribution - those who have been recognised by their colleagues for going over and above the call of duty.

This year there were 12 categories of Award, plus 2 Trust Fund Prizes.

The categories are open and inclusive, allowing for the recognition of a variety of achievements by our incredibly diverse staff.  In light of this, whilst there are some categories of award that lend themselves more naturally to specific categories of staff, no staff were excluded from being nominated for any award.  The two Trust Fund prizes were the exceptions to this, due to the terms set out upon their donation.

The Celebrating Excellence Awards dinner and ceremony took place on 28th November 2013 in Aberdare Hall.  Hosted by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Elizabeth Treasure, the contributions and achievements of all of the 102 nominated individual members of staff and groups of staff were celebrated.  In attendance were the 37 finalists and their guests, their Heads of School and members of the Senior Management Team.


Professor Elizabeth Treasure hosting the Celebrating Excellence Awards 2013

"Tonight is a celebration of outstanding achievements demonstrated by staff from right across the University.  Our nominees have been recognised by colleagues as not only having contributed to the achievements and success of this institution, but as having done so to an exceptional degree.  This year over 100 members and groups of staff were nominated for the Awards and we congratulate all of them.  They represent the highest level of effort, excellence, innovation and best practice. Their significant ongoing contributions are acknowledged and greatly valued."  Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Finalists and Winners

Click on the links below for more information on each award and details of the finalists and winners.

You can also click to see the full list of finalists and winners, the Celebrating Excellence Awards commemorative brochure and a Photo Gallery of the event.


Trust Fund Prizes: