Glass - B A Ford

Bottle glass

5055, 204

Wine bottle. Fragment. Amber/green glass.

5060A, 202

Wine bottle. Fragment olive green glass.

5060B, 202

Bottle. Fragment clear glass.

5074, 201

Wine bottle. Fragment of body and neck of an 'Onion' bottle. Heavily bubbled olive green glass. c 1680-1715.

5087, 236

Bottle. Fragment, dark amber glass.

5097, 302

Wine bottle. Base and wall fragment. Olive green glass.

5099, 302

Bottle. Fragment pale green clear glass.

5136, 221

Wine bottle. Seven fragments. Olive green glass.

5102, 301

Wine bottle. Two body fragments. Olive green glass.

5149A, 221

Wine bottle. Fifty-three fragments of a 'cylinder' type bottle. Olive green glass. Late 18th/early 19th century.

5149B, 221

Wine bottle. Rim and neck from a 'cylinder' bottle with tooled down string rim. Olive green glass. Noel-Hume type 22, c 1790-1820.

5149C, 221

Wine bottle. Neck fragment mid green glass.

5165, 201

Bottle. Fragment dark amber glass.

5219, 527

Wine bottle. Part of neck and tooled down string rim from a 'cylinder' bottle. Olive green glass. Mid 18th-19th century.

5234, 527

Wine bottle. Three fragments. Olive green glass.

5320, 544

Wine bottle. Dark green glass.

5158, 201

Wine bottle. Five base and wall fragments. Two wall fragments have been subjected to heat. Deep amber glass.

404, 202

Wine bottle. Fragment from a hexagonal bottle. Amber/green glass.

5417, 402

Bottle. Small fragment pale green glass.

Miscellaneous glass

5099, 302

Window glass. Two fragments of clear glass.

5127, 236

Fragment of a conical bowl and stem with a bladed knop. 19th century.

5149, 221

? Bowl. Small fragment of a press moulded bowl. Pale blue glass.

5155, 277

Top from a glass bottle stopper. Pale bluish green glass.


Pale green glass.

5416, 401

Everted rim jar in heavily bubbled green glass.