The Scalloway archive

In order to increase the availability of the data derived from the Scalloway post excavation process it was decided to place reports which would normally have been placed in fiche or not published at all onto the WWW. The reports presented here include a detailed description of the site stratigraphy, context and artefact lists, detailed artefact catalogues and environmental tables. These files are probably best downloaded and converted into data files and spreadsheets which can be manipulated by the user. This archive also includes some reports which were not published for a variety of reasons and these can either be read on screen or printed out.

The published report is Oxbow Monograph 82 (ISBN 1900188376) and is available from Oxbow Books, Park End Place, Oxford, OX1 1HN. Any comments on the published report or the archive should be sent to

1 Stratigraphic reports and lists

1.1 Structures report N Sharples

1.2 Context list

1.3 Find block concordance list

2 Finds catalogues

2.1 Pottery A Mac Sween

2.2 Metalwork E Campbell

2.3 Iron working C Salter

2.4 Steatite P M Sharman

2.5 Coarse stone A Clarke

2.6 Pumice A Clarke

2.7 Playing pieces G Wilson

2.8 Worked bone and antler A Smith

2.9 Glass B A Ford

2.10 Medieval pottery C Murray

2.11 Cremated bone K McSweeney

2.13 Animal bone measurements T O'Sullivan

2.14 Fish bone catalogue R Ceron-Carrasco - In preperation

3 Additional specialist reports

3.1 The distribution of carbonised plant remains N Sharples and T Holden

3.2 Marine shells S Carter

3.3 Land snails S Carter

3.4 Soil thin section descriptions S Carter

3.5 Wood Studies A Crone