Cardiff Studies in Archaeology - Specialist Report Number 18


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The excavations would not have been possible without the supervision of Mark Brennand, Suzi Reeve and Katinka Stentoft. Mary Davis provided invaluable conservation assisitance. Helen Smith organised the environmental sampling, and processing was undertaken at Milton House by a team supervised by Rachel Ballantyne and Mark Ward. We are particularly grateful to Neil Mac Millan for allowing us to use his facilities. Craig Allaker provided invaluable help scanning the site and the spoilheaps with his metal detector. All the students worked very hard and with a considerable amount of skill and enthusiasm. The illustrations for this and previous interim reports were undertaken by Ian Dennis.

This years project was funded by Historic Scotland and Cardiff University and I would like to thank Sally Foster and Patrick Ashmore from Historic Scotland for their efficiency and John Evans for organising the labour force. The radiocarbon dates were arranged by Patrick Ashmore and I would like to thank Claire Owen and the Oxford lab for the speedy processing of the material.

Permission to work at Bornais was given by the township grazing committee and we would like to express our gratitude, particularly to E Steele and N MacAskill, for their continued interest in our work. We continue to be encouraged by the local interest in the site and the committee and membership of Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Deas are to be thanked once again. Technical support was provided by Uist Builders, Laing Motors and JJ MacDonald Builders. Accomodation was provided by Mrs Morrison and Col H Massey and we are very pleased to be able to live in such pleasant surroundings.