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House, Settlement and Society in the Aegean and Beyond

British School at Athens Studies 15 (2007)

Editors Ruth Westgate, Nick Fisher, James Whitley
Series Editor Olga Krzyszkowska

The conference proceedings have now been published as British School at Athens Studies 15, ISBN 9780904887563. The volume is available from the British School at Athens (, price £89 (£65 for Subscribers and Friends of the BSA) plus postage and packing.


Lisa C. Nevett Greek Houses as a Source of Evidence for Social Relations
W. G. Cavanagh & C. B. Mee Functional Analysis of Survey Sites
Stella Souvatzi The Identification of Neolithic Households: Unfeasible or just Disregarded?
Nikos Efstratiou Neolithic Households in Greece: The Contribution of Ethnoarchaeology
Laura D. Steele The Neolithic Settlement at Çatalhöyük and Pueblo Ethnoarchaeology
Fraser Sturt, Simon Stoddart & Caroline Malone Extracting the Domestic from Indigenous Sicily
Massimo Cultraro Domestic Architecture and Public Space in Early Bronze Age Poliochni (Lemnos)
Todd Whitelaw House, Households and Community at Early Minoan Fournou Korifi: Methods and Models for Interpretation
Dorella Romanou Residence Design and Variation in Residential Group Structure: A Case Study, Mallia
Louise A. Hitchcock Naturalizing the Cultural: Architectonicized Landscape as Ideology in Minoan Crete
Tim Cunningham In the Shadows of Kastri: An Examination of Domestic and Civic Space at Palaikastro (Crete)
Bryan Burns Life Outside a Mycenaean Palace: Elite Houses on the Periphery of Citadel Sites
Aikaterini Koltsida Domestic Space and Gender Roles in Ancient Egyptian Village Households: A View from Amarna Workmen’s Village and Deir el-Medina
Kevin Glowacki House, Household, and Community at LM IIIC Vronda, Kavousi
Mieke Prent Cretan Early Iron Age Hearth Temples and the Articulation of Sacred Space
Lena Sjögren Interpreting Cretan Private and Communal Spaces (800–500 BC)
Alexander Mazarakis Ainian Architecture and Social Structure in Early Iron Age Greece
Alexandra Coucouzeli From Megaron to Oikos at Zagora
Franziska Lang House—Community—Settlement: The New Concept of Living in Archaic Greece
Robin Osborne Did Democracy Transform Athenian Space?
Matthew Fitzjohn Searching for the Domestic: Investigations of the Built Environment in Iron Age and Archaic Sicily
David Gill & Patricia Flecks Defining Domestic Space at Euesperides, Cyrenaica: Archaic Structures on the Sidi Abeid
Eva Parisinou Lighting Dark Rooms: Some Thoughts about the Use of Space in Early Greek Domestic Architecture
Barbara Tsakirgis Fire and Smoke: Hearths, Braziers and Chimneys in the Greek House
Lin Foxhall House Clearance: Unpacking the ‘Kitchen’ in Classical Greece
Kathleen M. Lynch More Thoughts on the Space of the Symposium
Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones House and Veil in Ancient Greece
Bradley A. Ault Oikos and Oikonomia: Greek Houses, Households and the Domestic Economy
John Ellis Jones ‘Living above the Shop’: Domestic Aspects of the Ancient Industrial Workshops of the Laureion Area of South-East Attica
Karl Reber Living and Housing in Classical and Hellenistic Eretria
James Roy The Urban Layout of Megalopolis in its Civic and Confederate Context
Valeria Bylkova Scythian and Olbian Settlements in the Lower Dnieper Region
Richard Tomlinson From Houses to Tenements: Domestic Architecture in Hellenistic Alexandria
Ruth Westgate Life’s Rich Pattern: Decoration as Evidence for Room Function in Hellenistic Houses
Monika Trümper Differentiation in the Hellenistic Houses of Delos: The Question of Functional Areas
Shelley Hales Dionysos at Pompeii
Penelope M. Allison Engendering Roman Domestic Space
Maria Papaioannou The Roman Domus in the Greek World
Rebecca Sweetman Identification of Space through a Study of Mosaics: A Case Study, Knossos, Crete
Richard Alston Some Theoretical Considerations and a Late Antique House from Roman Egypt


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