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Academic dress

The cap, hood and gown that graduates wear throughout the ceremony. More about robes.

Alumnus (pl. Alumni)

A graduate or former student. Also more generally a pupil of a school, university, or other seat of learning. Visit our alumni pages.


The process by which graduates are officially received to their degree by the Vice-Chancellor. It is held in St David’s Hall, Cardiff, and lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. More about the ceremony.


Action carried out by graduates as a reply to the presentation of their award by the Vice-Chancellor. To doff, look towards the Vice-Chancellor, nod your head slightly and either touch the front peak of your cap or raise it very slightly, using your right hand. More about the ceremony.


A student who has passed their exams and has obtained a degree from a university, college or other authority conferring degrees. Their degree is publicly presented to them during the graduation ceremony. Information for graduates.


The University division responsible for a number of functions, including graduation. More about the Registry division.

St David’s Hall

The National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales, located in the centre of Cardiff. This is the venue for the graduation ceremony. Location.


An online broadcast. The graduation ceremony is broadcast live from our website. Webcasts of past ceremonies are also available.