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Frequently Asked Questions





I have a query regarding my academic dress

Visit our webpage on robes and robe hire, where you will find all the information you need.

When do I need to be at St David's Hall?

You are asked to present yourself at St David's Hall one hour before the start time of your ceremony in order that you might be directed to your seat in time for the rehearsal.

What do I do once I arrive at St David's Hall?

When you arrive at St David's Hall, you need to make your way to Level 2. Staff are on hand to direct you to the auditorium to take your seat in time for the rehearsal.

How will I know what to do during the ceremony?

There will be a rehearsal approximately 45 minutes before each ceremony is due to start. Please be assured that it will be extremely difficult for you to make a mistake; you will be guided throughout by staff. More about the ceremony.

Can I sit anywhere?

No. Your allocated seat number is on the top right hand corner of your registration card, which you collect from the Great Hall at the Students' Union. The seating arrangements are carefully planned so that you arrive on stage when your name is being called - according to the order in the printed programme which you will be given as you enter the auditorium. There will be plenty of administrative staff on duty throughout the ceremony to see that you find your correct seat and to ensure that you remain in the right order.

How do I 'doff'?

Looking towards the Vice-Chancellor, nod your head slightly and either touch the front peak of your cap or raise it very slightly, using your right hand.

Can I leave as soon as I've been presented for my award?

Save in an emergency, graduates are expected to remain in the auditorium throughout the ceremony.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are sent to home addresses as held in SIMS, approximately eight weeks after the award is conferred by an Awards and Progress Committee meeting.

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Are video cameras allowed in the auditorium?

There are no restrictions to the use of video cameras outside the auditorium. However, video cameras should not be used whilst the ceremony is in progress. Your guests are expected to remain seated once the actual ceremony commences.

Roving cameras create an unwelcome distraction to other guests. Please remember that you will be among some 500 students graduating in your ceremony. Your co-operation and consideration for others will be very much appreciated.

How much are the commemorative programmes?

Printed programmes will be available at St David's Hall, free of charge, to all graduates and their guests.

Where can I park?

Please note that there are no parking facilities at St David's Hall itself, but there are a number of public car parks in the immediate vicinity.

The University Location Guide shows the location of car parks near St David's Hall (map ref 76).

Is there provision for disabled guests?

Should graduates or their guests have specific access requirements, or have any other needs that we could assist with, please contact the Graduation Team (contact details below) prior to the ceremony. A passenger lift to Level 3 is available if required. Guests using wheelchairs will be accommodated on Level 3.

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony will last for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. There is also a 30 minute rehearsal before the ceremony starts which graduates must attend. More about the ceremony.

Can I take children to the ceremony?

We do not recommend that children are taken to the ceremony, due to the length and formal nature of proceedings.

Any child over the age of two will also require a separate guest ticket to attend.

Will my tickets arrive in time if I live overseas?

If you have an overseas home address, your tickets are held at St David's Hall for you to collect on the day of your ceremony.

I haven't yet received my graduation ceremony tickets?

Tickets for the ceremonies are not normally issued until the week before the ceremonies take place. There is no need to ring the Registry about receiving tickets before this time. More about tickets.

How can I find out more about the venue?

You can visit St David's Hall online.