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Noise Disruptions in the Graduate Centre

Potential Noise Disruptions from Y Plas

Due to the Graduate Centre being located above the Students' Union Y Plas nightclub / music venue, from time to time the centre is subject to noise disruption caused by loud events, i.e. club night and gigs, taking place in Y Plas.

In order to give students studying in the Graduate Centre as much notice as possible of these potential disruptions, we have compiled the following list of known upcoming events taking place in Y Plas only (other events may take place in the Great Hall or CF10 but these are unlikely to affect activities in the Graduate Centre). Please note that this may not be a complete list of Y Plas events as some events may be scheduled at short notice.

Day Date Start time *for gigs please note that loud noise is likely to occur earlier between 3pm to 6pm due to sound-checkingType of Event Title
Thursday18/09/20149pmFreshers' eventGrand Opening
Friday19/09/20149pmFreshers' eventWelcoming Party
Saturday20/09/20149pmFreshers' eventHeroes & Villains
Sunday21/09/20149pmFreshers' eventWild Night
Monday22/09/20149pmFreshers' eventVinyl Launch
Tuesday23/09/20149pmFreshers' eventBeach Party
Wednesday24/09/20149pmFreshers' eventYOLO
Thursday25/09/20149pmFreshers' eventBack to School
Friday26/09/20149pmFreshers' event999
Saturday27/09/20149pmFreshers' eventFlux Takeover
Sunday28/09/20149pmFreshers' eventFreshers' Ball
Monday29/09/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday01/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Saturday04/10/2104TBCClub nightFlux
Monday06/10/201419.00*GigManchester Orchestra
Wednesday08/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Friday10/10/201419:00*GigA Party By Eats Everything
Saturday11/10/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Sunday12/10/201419:00*GigElla Eyre
Monday13/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday15/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Friday17/10/201421:00*GigRam Cardiff
Saturday18/10/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Monday20/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Tuesday21/10/201419:00*GigKid Ink
Wednesday22/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Saturday25/10/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Monday27/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday29/10/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Saturday01/11/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Sunday02/11/201419:00*GigTwin Atlantic
Monday03/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday05/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Saturday08/11/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Monday10/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Tuesday11/11/201419:00*GigThe Blackout
Wednesday12/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Saturday15/11/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Monday17/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday19/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Thursday20/11/201419.00*GigSuicide Silence
Monday17/11/201419:00*GigThe Courteneers
Saturday22/11/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Sunday23/11/201418.00*GigNew Found Glory
Monday24/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday26/11/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Thursday27/11/201419:00*GigTonight Alive
Saturday29/11/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Monday01/12/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Wednesday03/12/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Thursday04/12/201419:00*GigEcho and the Bunymen
Saturday06/12/2014TBCClub nightFlux
Monday08/12/201419:00*GigAt The Gates
Wednesday10/12/2014TBCClub nightTBC
Friday12/12/2014TBCClub nightEnd of term event
Wednesday31/12/2014TBCClub nightNYE Event
Monday26/01/201519:00*GigNeck Deep