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Reading Room

Image of GRADC Reading Room


The Reading Room offers an alternative to studying in the library or in your house or flat.

There are 33 comfortable chairs at individual study carrels. An additional benefit is the proximity to the Computer Room if you need to use a networked computer and to the Café Bar if you need a snack. You are welcome to bring in food or drinks to the Reading Room, but please clean up after yourself.

The Reading Room is an individual study space; group work and conversation is not permitted. Mobile phones must be switched off in the Reading Room and listening to music or videos is not permitted - either out loud or via headphones.

The use of laptops is permitted in the Reading Room, however the sound must be switched off and headphone use is not allowed.

It is only fair to mention that the Reading Room is located immediately over the Union's nightclub, Solus, so the quiet ends on Club Nights.  These run from 10.00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the undergraduate term time. If you are making a special trip to the Centre, you may want to check first to see if there is scheduled entertainment that may clash: Solus Gigs

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