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Meeting Rooms

What is available? 

RoomCapacity & SetupNotes / Equipment
3.034 people- round table

All rooms feature a whiteboard

Laptops, data projectors and board pens are available for use in all rooms

Wifi access is available across all our rooms


3.044 people - round table
3.088 people - boardroom
3.1020 people - horseshoe
3.1930 people - horseshoe 40 people - lecture
Common Room

70 - lecture
130 – seated
200 – standing

25 – rear raised area only adjacent to bar (can be booked for small parties)

Bookable for parties, quiz and film nights, discussion nights and other large events.
Equipment includes two ceiling-mounted LCD projectors connected to free-view and DVD player at front and rear of room, Mixing board and microphone

3.054 additional pod rooms, that can accommodate 1-2 people each

Each pod features a fixed PC.

These rooms are used exclusively by International Student Support from Monday - Friday, 9am until 5pm. They may be booked at other times.

3.094 pods that can accommodate up to 4 peopleThese are currently 'first come, first served', rather than being bookable.


The Graduate Centre rooms are not part of the University Pool Room system, but are booked directly with the Graduate Centre.  The Graduate Centre staff reserve the right to refuse bookings that are deemed incompatible with other Centre activity.  

A Booking Form must be completed in order to confirm usage. Forms can be downloaded from the Related Resources on our Room Bookings webpage.

The meeting rooms may be booked by currently enrolled postgraduate students and postgraduate societies for group study, meetings and events for postgraduates (such as conference or social events).  

The Common Room can be booked by currently enrolled postgraduate students and postgraduate societies for conference or social events, but the space must remain open for other users. Specific areas or groups of tables can be reserved.

Academic Schools, Professional Services and the Students’ Union may also book the meeting rooms or Common Room for events aimed primarily at postgraduates or to advance postgraduate interests.

Because of high demand from postgraduates, normally the Graduate Centre is unable to accommodate bookings for meetings or events that do not involve the postgraduate community. Exceptions are granted for university-wide events such as Open Days or Graduation. We will occasionally accommodate Students’ Union officer-hosted events on a quid pro quo basis, but the Graduate Centre rooms are not available for use by Students’ Union Societies whose membership is not primarily postgraduate.

The Cathays Park Graduate Centre rooms are only rarely available for external organisations.  Approval is on a case-by-case basis and will always incur a charge for room hire and equipment use and additional charges may be applied.  The Heath Park Graduate Centre is not available for external booking.

A University identification card must be left at the start of room use, which will be returned when the room is vacated.

The Graduate Centre
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