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Location and Access

Cathays Park

We are located on the 3rd floor of the Students' Union Building on Park Place, directly opposite the University main building.

Directions from Park Place: Go up the main steps of the Union Building and, rather than using the main doors of the Union, turn to your right and take the door sign-posted 'Graduate Centre'. There is an internal door followed by another set of stairs which will lead you to the Graduate Centre Reception. Alternatively, if you need lift access, go to the left and around the back of the main steps to the Union at street level, where you will find the lift, and press the buzzer. This lift goes to the 2nd floor of the Union. You then need to enter via the main doors of the Union (there is an automatic door) then take the interior lift to the 3rd floor.

Directions from Senghennydd Road: Go through either of the 2 ground-floor entrances to the Union, up to the 3rd floor and turn right into the Graduate Centre. If you need to gain access via a lift, there is one located on the ground floor of the Students Union which will take you straight up to the 3rd floor, then go into the main landing and left into the Centre.*

* Please note that the Senghennydd Road entrance is sometimes closed during gigs or private events. When a closure is in effect, the Graduate Centre can be reached by crossing the railway bridge over to Park Place. If you require lift access during this time, arrangements should be made in advance with the Students' Union (Tel: 029 2078 1412).


Heath Park

We are located on the 2nd floor of Tower Block 2 in the Main Hospital Building, Rooms 31 and 33.

From Medical School Entrance: As you walk up the steps and enter through the main entrance to the medical school stairwell access is found through the first door on your left. Travel up two flights of stairs and enter through the door on the left. As you walk along the corridor the centre is located on the right hand side (2nd door), and entrance is gained with your University ID Card. You will enter into the social space, and if you would like to use the study area the partition door is on your right. The centre is accessible 24/7.

Lift access via the same entrance is possible. Take the lift to the second floor. Turn right after exiting the lift, go through the double doors and then right through another set of double doors. The centre is located on your right hand side.

From the Hospital Concourse: Follow the signs to Heathfields Restaurant, which will be up two sets of stairs or via a lift.  When you reach Heathfields, go through the serving and seating area and you will be in the School of Medicine foyer.  The lift and stairwell will be on your right.

Please note that after 10pm access to the centre can be gained via the Herbert Duthry Library Corridor.

Mailing Address:

Graduate Centre

Cardiff University Union Building, Third Floor
Park Place
CF10 3QN


The Graduate Centre
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