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Changes to the Graduate Centre: July - August 2015

International Student Support is moving to the Graduate Centre this summer.  The staff team will be moving into the main office, Room 3.02, while interview spaces will be created in Room 3.05.  These interview rooms will be bookable spaces for postgraduates in the evenings and at the weekend.  There will also be six networked computers in the centre of the space, with space for two to work at each.  In August and September, these will be reserved for International Student Support during the weekday.   

Diagrammatic image depicting the overhead view of the new layout for room 3.09 - featuring cubicles to be used as interview space by International Student Support.



The group work tables and individual desks from Room 3.05 will be moved into Room 3.09 to create additional study space.  
Work will begin in early July and is expected to last about four weeks.  There will be some noise disruption, but this should be limited to the immediate area and should not impact on the use of other study spaces in the Graduate Centre (Computer Room and Meeting Rooms 3.08 and 3.19).  


Thank you for your patience during this period. If you would like to raise any questions or comments regarding the work or disruption, please email us:

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