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Staff Equality Networks and Groups

A number of staff networks have developed over the years with the dual aim of:

• developing a mutual support network for the members and,
• gathering feedback on how the University can best develop an inclusive workplace. 

The networks operate on an informal basis with the topics/agenda set by the members, providing a chance to get together to share experiences and also to identify opportunities to enhance the University's Equality and Diversity Strategy and Policy.  The University seeks to ensure that it operates in a way that is supportive of all staff and sees these groups as an excellent way of understanding issues that staff may face which are related to their personal characteristics or circumstances.

“Being an active member of these groups is a positive way of contributing to the life of the University and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to take part. Your input can directly help us to further develop our inclusive culture”Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Deputy Vice Chancellor

At present the groups below are in operation and usually meet once a term. If you feel that you would like to find out more please see the links below or contact Alison Preece, ext 79919

Disability Staff Network 

Open to all staff who identify themselves as disabled, or whose personal experience of disability issues means that they want to make a contribution to the disability agenda. The network has been actively participating in the review of Occupational Health provision and will shortly be organising coffee/ lunch drop-ins throughout the University.

Global Diversity Staff Network  

Open to all staff, the network provides a discussion forum in a positive and mutually supportive environment, as well as a channel of communication between its members and the University. The network focusses on matters of ethnic and national origin.


LGBT+ staff and postgraduate student network.  The network aims to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and to represent the views of LGBT+ staff.

Carers and Working Families Staff Network 

The network provides a gateway of support and assistance to staff who are carers and parents and provides a forum for discussion of the needs of employees with regards to work and caring.

Welsh Language Staff Network 

Open to all Welsh speakers, Welsh learners and non-Welsh speakers alike.  This network provides an opportunity to identify and discuss opportunities to actively promote the University’s principle that the Welsh language will be treated no less favourably than the English language when dealing with University staff.