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Managing Stress

We all experience different levels of pressure in our daily lives but when our reaction to excessive pressure or other demands is affected we may exhibit signs and symptoms of stress.

If you think that stress may be affecting the way that you live and/or work the University has a number of support services available to you.

Confidential counselling – this is available through the Staff Counselling Service or by speaking to an Occupational Health Nurse

 An Online Stress Manager Programme - A stress management website is available to provide information and skills modules to empower staff to recognise and manage stressful situations more effectively. This is a confidential online employee support package.

Training courses- The University offers a range of courses aimed at providing staff with skills to assist with managing stress in the work-place, such as time-management, and assertiveness as well as opportunities for all staff to develop work-related skills, including research and teaching skills, computing skills, management and leadership training.