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Staying Safe

Out & About / Staying Safe

  • Always ensure your mobile phone(s) are fully charged when going out for the day.
  • Have an alternative means of communicating with home/the office should something happen to your phone (e.g. Skype).
  • Always carry your hotel card/name & address (including in local language and a map) when you go out.
  • Be aware of the local culture and customs. e.g. regarding clothes, alcohol and etiquette. Avoid discussing religion and politics.
  • Keep valuables secure and out of sight.  
  • Keep in regular contact with your office in Cardiff

  • When travelling by taxi
    • Only get into official taxis. If possible, ask the person you are meeting to help you get one back to your hotel so they can ensure the taxi knows where to go.
    • Bear in mind that, unlike in the UK, many taxi drivers overseas will not necessarily know how to get to where you want to go. This is why it is important to have the address and a map in the local language with you at all times.
    • Where possible, agree a price first before setting off.

  • When driving (self-drive)
    • Carry an up-to-date driving licence and insurance documentation.
    • Ask to inspect a hired vehicle before accepting it – check tyres (including spare), lights, and oil and water levels.
    • Plan your route thoroughly in advance and if possible, ensure you have Sat Nav for all journeys.
    • Ensure you have breakdown cover and that the emergency number is to hand.
    • Understand local driving regulations and practices.
    • Ensure you have a mobile phone (compatible to the country you are in) and that is fully charged before you set off.
    • Learn some useful local phrases in case you break down or have an accident.
    • Make sure there is enough fuel for your journey and check ahead for petrol stations on long journeys.
    • Lock the vehicle even if you are leaving it for only a few minutes, such as when refuelling.
    • Keep the passenger doors locked while driving. Leave nothing valuable inside.
    • If possible, carry emergency equipment (e.g. first aid kit, tool kit, torch and warning triangle) in the vehicle. In many countries, this is a legal requirement.