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Money Matters

  • Check the remaining credit on your credit card(s) prior to leaving the UK. 
    If you travel regularly and have a University credit card, you should check that you have sufficient credit to cover your trip expenses. Should you experience difficulties with your University-issued card, contact your Department’s Finance Officer to see if your credit limit can be instantly increased. 
  • As well as carrying sufficient local currency and a University credit card (if issued) it is always advisable to take an extra credit card in case you run into difficulties.
  • In the event of an emergency, you can access Zurich Travel Assistance emergency service, which provides 24-hour cover.
  • Not all foreign currency can be purchased in the UK so you might need to acquire cash on arrival.
  • Sterling is not always accepted for exchange in certain countries, however US Dollars are widely accepted internationally.
  • Traveller's cheques can often be refused so we would recommend you consider other payment options.
  • You are advised to keep copies of all receipts, and exchange rates obtained, for reconciling your expenses.