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Occupational Health Service Information

Prior to Travel

The Occupational Health Service does not currently have the facility to offer an in-house travel clinic for those employees travelling abroad on University business.

Please check the specific travel health advice and vaccination requirements you’re your destination on the recommended websites Fit for travel, Nathnac or VIS. Generally all travellers visiting Europe, U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand and Australia do not need additional vaccinations as long as they have been satisfactorily immunised for life in Britain, but please check this as it is subject to change. Other countries will require vaccinations and precautions against malaria which you will find listed at Fit for travel or Nathnac

It is recommended that travellers to Europe carry a European Health Insurance Card. To apply for the card, either call 0845 606 2030 or apply online.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Occupational Health Nurses on ext. 74810 should you have any questions regarding the information given on the above website or any other aspect of your travel health.


For all vaccinations, current health advice and anti-malarial prescriptions you will need to contact your GP/Practice Nurse, advising them of the country and region you are visiting and the purpose of your visit. Your GP/Practice Nurse will then be able to give any vaccines required, depending on your previous medical history any current health conditions. Ideally contact your GP or Practice Nurse as soon as possible once you know your departure date (ideally 8 weeks in advance) as some vaccines can not be given together and/or may take some time before they are effective.

Please ensure that you have checked whether the Yellow Fever vaccination is required for your destination. You will require certificated evidence of this to enter those countries stipulated. This will need to be dated at least 10 days prior to arrival (if a 1st dose).

Should you have any difficulty regarding your vaccinations, please contact one of the Occupational Health Nurses on ext. 74810 to discuss further. If any charges are incurred for your vaccinations or anti-malarials, these can be claimed back with your other trip expenses from your School/Directorate.

First Aid kits

Traveller's first aid kits are available from the University health centre. Please telephone 74810 to arrange collection. These kits contain sterile needles, syringes etc as well as some basic dressings. We would recommend you take one of these with you when travelling to less developed countries or if you are proposing to undertake fieldwork.

On your Return

If you have experienced any health problems whilst abroad, please let Occupational Health Services know on your return. If you feel unwell on your return to the UK, please contact your GP and inform Occupational Health Services.

If you choose to ignore the current recommended vaccine and travel health advice for the countries which you will be visiting, you will be travelling at your own risk.



Non-infectious Health Risks

Accident Prevention

Altitude Illness

European Health Insurance Card

Food and Water hygiene

Insect and tick bite avoidance

Personal Safety during travel

Sun Protection

Travelling with medicines

Travel related DVT

Electrical Safety Abroad


Infectious Health Risks

Dengue Fever

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

HIV and Sexually Transmitted diseases

Japanese Encephalitis

Malaria Information for travelers


Tick-borne Encephalitis

Tummy Upsets


Yellow Fever


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