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Personal Development

Cardiff University is committed to providing an environment where all members of staff can reach their full potential.   There is a large variety of development opportunities available to members of staff.  This section provides details of who to contact for your various developmental needs.

Health and Safety Training Courses 
The Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Unit (OSHEU) provide a range of health and safety training courses. For more information on the courses available, please visit OSHEU’s website.

HR Training and Development 
Cardiff University is committed to providing relevant training and development opportunities for staff in all spheres of employment. The University policy recommends that every member of staff undertakes at least five days' appropriate personal development activity, on average, a year.

The Staff Development Programme offers a wide range of training courses open to all members of staff and research postgraduates across a range of key areas of personal and professional development. For further information on the courses available, to download the Staff Development Brochure or to enquire about booking a place on a course, please visit Training and Development’s website.

IT Training and Certification 
INSRV run a large variety number of computer courses including foundation courses, spreadsheet courses, database courses, presentation and image processing courses and statistical courses. For a full listing or for more information please visit INSRV’s Training website.

Leadership and Management Development Opportunities and Information 
Cardiff University offers a varied range of development opportunities and useful information for those with leadership and management roles within the University, information on other appropriate training opportunities outside the University.

Cardiff University Leadership and Management Framework 

The purpose of the Leadership and Management Framework is:

  • To provide all staff who have leadership and management responsibilities with explicit guidelines on what key behaviours, skills and knowledge are required to sustain good leadership and management practice in the University.
  • To support both the University Appraisal Scheme and the institution’s leadership and management development activities so that there is guidance on how to review and discuss the key leadership and management demands that individuals face and identify how they can develop the necessary capability.

The framework can be used by:

  • Those with existing leadership and management responsibilities to prepare for specific events, such as their annual appraisal or to guide them as they draw up an ongoing individual development plan.
  • Those with line management or coaching responsibilities to guide and / or develop leadership and management capabilities in others.
  • Appraisers to guide an appraisee’s performance feedback and /or learning and development, when that appraisee has leadership and management responsibilities.
  • Those staff aspiring to a future role which has leadership and management responsibilities, to use to guide and plan their own development or to initiate discussion with their line manager about their future development.

Lean Training 

The Lean University Team can provide a range of training to best suit the needs of you, your team and/or your School or Directorate. The information provided here represents the structured training that Lean already have in place however, the Lean University Team are more than happy to discuss specific requirements and modify the training to suit.

Learning and Development Strategy for Staff 

This strategy will support the individual to:

  • Understand their own personal development requirements
  • Articulate personal development requirements in terms of improving own capability and/or relating to own aspirations.
  • Negotiate support with the person responsible for agreeing how their personal and career development needs will be met
  • Access development that is relevant to their career needs at times that are suitable for them

The person responsible for agreeing personal and career development plans at a School/Directorate/Divisional level will be able to:

  • Relate the needs of the individual to the organisational priorities of the School/Directorate and their resource implications and provide clear direction about what is a priority and what is achievable for the individual
  • Discuss the individual’s personal development in a way that is appropriate to the needs of the School/Directorate or budget, making clear the resources and opportunities that will be available to support the person’s development

The University will be able to:

  • Demonstrate that employees can participate in formal or informal development opportunities in a way that balances the University’s organisational priorities and the aspirations of the individual
  • Develop highly skilled managers and leaders in research, teaching and administration and show that this has led to better career opportunities for staff

Lifelong Learning 
The Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning provides a range of interesting and useful courses for both individuals and businesses. You can take these courses just for fun, they can help you develop your career or they can act as a stepping stone to higher education. The centre is the largest provider of adult education in Wales, offering around 500 courses a year from venues across south-east Wales.

Business Development Team 

A portfolio of short courses on a range of subjects including PRINCE2 Project Management and Producing & Editing Newsletters is available within the Centre for Lifelong Learning. The courses are suitable for a range of audiences. Tailor made bespoke courses can also be developed.

Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (PCUTL) 

Cardiff University has developed a 60 credit M level qualification leading to the award of a Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (PCUTL). This is a staff development programme for Cardiff University staff, which will enable participants to become more competent and confident university teachers.

The Certificate is made up of two modules. The first module can be taken over two years, (part time), and will be assessed through the production of a comprehensive reflective teaching portfolio. Participants will also need to attend workshops, undertake a group project, and participate in peer reviews of teaching and learning. Further information is available from the PCUTL programme team within Human Resources on 029 208 79011

Postgraduate Continuing Education Unit, School of Health Care Studies 
The Postgraduate and Continuing Educatiion Unit provide short CPD courses for Consultants, GPS, Registrars, Nursing Staff, ODPS, Medical & Dental, Physiotherapy, Radiographers, Occupational Therapists, all Health Care Therapists and also Management / Administration Staff working in the NHS or Private Practice. Our courses vary in duration and are carefully tailored for maximum training impact ,offering several different courses & various dates throughout Wales to give you an opportunity to plan your Continual Professional Development (CPD) further in advance.

We develop and promote the University’s lifelong learning activities and our courses can help you develop your career or can act as a stepping stone to higher education. If you have an enquiry or would like more information, please contact Lesley Weston on (029) 2068 7562 or Email:


Quality and Innovation in Learning and Teaching lunchtime seminars – please contact Nathan Roberts (ext. 79219), or e-mail for further information.

Research and Commercial Division - Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Policy and Training 

All researchers involved in a Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product (CTIMP), i.e. a study which falls under the Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004, are legally obliged to conduct their research study in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

It is a requirement that all members of a trial team identified on the Trial Delegation Log, not just the Chief Investigator/ Principal Investigator (CI)/ (PI), complete GCP training. GCP training should be renewed every two years.

Research Staff Career Development Skills Programme 

This programme of training workshops covers a wide range of transferable, cross-discipline skills and is designed to support research staff in their broader career development. Events on this programme are offered free-of-charge to research-only staff.

Staff Counselling Service 

The Staff Counselling Service run workshops all year around, facilitated by their counsellors, on a range of common difficulties. Most require very little "audience participation", focusing on giving you useful information, ideas and strategies on how to better cope with a particular difficulty, while others are more participatory.

The University Graduate College (UGC) 

The University Graduate College offers a range of workshops in research skills (and other areas) for research students and research-only staff. If space is available and if the learning environment for postgraduate researchers will not be negatively affected by their attendance, other University staff may be able to attend on a “stand by” basis.  Examples of training include:

  • statistical techniques (quantitative/qualitative/mixed methods);
  • statistical packages;
  • advanced research computing (all disciplines); and
  • geographic information systems.

Please refer to for further information. To add your name to the waiting list, e-mail  A place will be confirmed not earlier than one week before the start date of the course.  Please note that University staff will be eligible to attend only in cases where the workshop topic is available only via the University Graduate College.   Where the topic is offered via the Staff Development Programme, INSRV Education or another University provider, they must book via that route and pay the appropriate charge, where applicable.

Welsh Language Courses 

The Welsh Language Teaching Centre holds Welsh language courses at all levels at various times of the day (8am, mid morning, lunch time, 5pm and in the evening). The Centre also offers ‘Meeters and Greeters’ courses for Schools/Directorates wishing to provide their front-line staff with basic knowledge of Welsh in a 1.5 day course. Please ring (ext. 74710) for a prospectus and for advice on the most suitable course for you. More details can be accessed via

Cyrsiau Gloywi Cymraeg (Welsh Improvement Courses)

Mae’r Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg yn cynnig Cyrsiau Gloywi Cymraeg i siaradwyr rhugl sydd yn dymuno gwella safon eu Cymraef llafar neu ysgrifenedig. Mae’r cyrsiau yn rhai 10 wythnos (1 neu 2 awr bob wythnos). Cysylltwch (est. 74710) neu ebostiwch am fwy o wybodaeth.