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Preliminary or Foundation courses

Chemistry student 500x280Chemistry is one course that can be taken with a Preliminary year

A number of preliminary courses are available to students who do not have the appropriate A-level/AS qualifications to enter the first year of a degree scheme.

Course UCAS Code
BSc Biochemistry (4 yr prelim year) C74C
BSc Biochemistry (5yr prelim & prof year) CR41
BSc Biology (4 yr prelim year) C102
BSc Biology (5 yr prelim & prof year) C103
BSc Biomedical Science (4yr prelim year) B900
BSc Biomedical Science (5yr prelim & prof year) B901
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) (4yr prelim year) BC17
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) (5yr prelim & prof year) BCD7
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Neuroscience) (4yr prelim year) B141
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Neuroscience) (5yr prelim & prof year) B140
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) (4yr prelim year) BCC7
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) (5yr prelim & prof year) B120
BSc Ecology (4 year prelim year) CC80
BSc Ecology (5 year prelim & Prof year) C1V0
BSc Genetics (4 yr prelim year) C402
BSc Genetics (5yr prelim & prof year) C403
BSc Microbiology (4 yr prelim year) C502
BSc Microbiology (5yr prelim & prof year) C503
BSc Molecular Biology (4yr prelim year) CB79
BSc Molecular Biology (5yr prelim & prof year) C706
BSc Zoology (4yr prelim year) C302
BSc Zoology (5yr prelim & prof year) C303
BSc Biotechnology (5yr prelim & prof year) J702
Chemistry with a preliminary year F105
Dentistry BDS with a preliminary/foundation year A204
Earth Sciences with a preliminary year F641
Engineering with a foundation year H101
Medicine MBBCH with a preliminary/foundation year A104
BSc Optometry with a preliminary year B511
Physics with a preliminary year F301

Prelim. = preliminary year, Prof. = professional training (sandwich) year

Preliminary Year in Science

The Preliminary Year in Science includes modules in Biosciences, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. The particular modules studied depend on a student’s prior qualifications and the requirements of their chosen degree programme, and will be agreed through discussion with staff. Students will commence their degree once they have successfully completed the Preliminary Year programme.

Part-time Preliminary Year in Science

This is aimed at those who cannot make a full-time commitment to studying at present, but who would like to pursue a degree in science, medicine or dentistry in the near future. Students have up to three years to complete the Preliminary Year programme on a part-time basis. The science and maths modules are taught in the daytime at Cardiff University.

Engineering Foundation Year

The School of Engineering offers a Foundation Year programme designed to give students the necessary basic knowledge to enable them to cope with an engineering degree scheme. The Foundation Year includes aspects of mathematics, physics and information technology that are relevant to engineering.

Admissions enquiries

Students seeking admission to a degree programme incorporating a Preliminary or Foundation Year should apply via UCAS. For information about entry requirements for your chosen programme of study, please contact the appropriate admissions tutor - contact information can be found on the relevant academic school pages.

For general enquiries about the Preliminary Year in Science, please contact:
Dr Henrietta Standley, Preliminary Year Coordinator
029 208 76735

For general enquiries about the Engineering Foundation Year, please contact:
School of Engineering Admissions Office
Tel: 029 208 74656

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