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Clinical Practice (BSc/GradDip)

The BSc (Hons) / Graduate Diploma in Clinical Practice offered by Cardiff University allows students to access a range of degree level modules in healthcare. Students will be able to exit with a Higher Education Diploma in Clinical Practice, or a BSc (Hons)/Graduate Diploma in Clinical Practice, depending upon the number of credits accumulated.

The programme is flexible, student centred and open to all health professionals. It supports the philosophy of lifelong learning and has been developed in collaboration with health board practitioners to ensure that it meets clinical needs.

All modules offered in the programme may also be studied on a 'standalone' basis.

Programme Structure

The programme is suitable for healthcare practitioners working in any field. It is a generic programme that focuses on the development of transferable skills to enhance students’ clinical practice within their own specific area of work. Modules typically run over a 12 week period, choice of module order is flexible to suit your requirements.

For students requiring 240 credits the BSc (Hons) in Clinical Practice comprises a compulsory research Evidence Based Practice module (20 credits) six optional modules (30 credits each total of 180 credits), plus a Dissertation module (40 credits). These students may chose to exit the programme at an earlier stage, having completed a standalone module (30 credits) or receiving the Higher Education Diploma on completion of 120 credits.

For students entering the programme with 120 credits at Diploma level the BSc (Hons) in Clinical Practice comprises a compulsory research Evidence Based Practice module (20 credits) two optional modules (30 credits each total of 60 credits), plus a Dissertation module (40 credits). These students may choose to exit the programme at an earlier stage - either completing single or multiple standalone modules (30 credits). Those who complete 120 credits will be awarded the Higher Education Diploma.

Those already holding a degree qualification on entering the programme will be awarded a Graduate Diploma on achievement of the required 120 credits.

On successful completion of one 30 credit degree level module, students may apply to transfer these credits into the MSc in Advanced Practice programme.

The BSc (Hons) in Clinical Practice offers flexible study for students with busy clinical careers.


The degree can be undertaken up to a maximum of 5 years part-time for 240 credits and up to 3 years for 120 credits.

Entry Requirements
  • 120 credits points at HE level 1 (CQFW level 4) in nursing, midwifery or a subject area relevant to health verified by certification, (e.g. Certificate in Professional Practice)
  • Relevant prior learning or experience that allows for the necessary 120 credits at HE level 1 (CQFW level 4) to be accredited via the University APEL procedure: Please contact the AP(E)L Co-ordinator for further information
  • Applicants whose first language is not English or Welsh are required to provide proof of their proficiency in the English Language and must have attained a minimum overall score of 6.5 on the IELTS Test, no more than 2 years before the proposed date of application, to gain entry to the University
  • Applicants must be working/or able to gain experience in an area of Clinical Practice that allows achievement of the learning outcomes and clinical/ theory hours of the particular modules the student wishes to register for
  • Funding that has been secured (whether self- or external funding)
  • Employers/sponsors consent where applicable

N.B. Students applying for ‘standalone’ modules outside of a BSc programme would need to fulfil the entry criteria outlined above, although evidence of previous study within the last 5 years would be desirable. Each module may also outline entry criteria in addition to those stated above.

Standalone modules in advance of September enrolment are available and advance standing will apply. Enrolment will occur in the September of each year, although a selection of modules is offered each term, with start dates in September, January and April.

How to Apply

Please apply online for this programme.

For information on applying to individual modules, please visit our Modules Page- Developing Clinical Practise

Compulsory Modules - Level 6

Developing Clinical Practice - Dissertation (Compulsory Module)

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice

Optional Modules - Level 6

Please note: The viability of all modules is determined by student numbers.

Achieving Excellence in Care of Older People

Clinical Patient Assessment for Health Professionals
Developing Expertise in a Focussed Area of Practice

Diabetes Care and Management
Foundation in Caring for Acutely Ill Children
Foundation in Palliative and End of Life Care for District and Community Nurses (Distance Learning)
End of life care: Health Care Professionals HC3127
Fundamentals of Community Mental Health Practice
Fundamentals of Community Practice
Leading Through Empowerment
Minor Illness
Neonatal Examination and Behavioural Assessment
Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice

Please note:

It is essential that you attend a generic Study Skills Day (topics to include enrolment, accessing electronic resources, researching literature and introduction to library etc) as this will be your first day of your standalone module; students who are studying the whole BSc in Clinical Practice programme will be required to attend at least once each academic year.

Essential Study Skills Dates 

Monday 28th September 2015

Monday 25th January 2016

Location: Heath Park Campus. Further details will be confirmed directly to students.

Points of Note

Optimum Application Dates
We welcome and encourage early applications.  Our preferred date for receipt of completed Application Forms is at least three months prior to commencement of the programme. 

Late applications
Late applications will be considered, however number of places taken is reviewed for each module 2 weeks prior to the commencement of that module. Where numbers are low modules can be cancelled.

Location of the Programme
The delivery of modules will take place at Cardiff School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies sites in Cardiff (Ty Dewi Sant and EastGate House).

Course Fees

Please follow the link to find details of undergraduate fees.

Please note: The fees quoted are per year. For part-time programmes, fees will be payable for each subsequent year of study. For an approximate total cost, therefore, fees should be multiplied by the number of years of study anticipated.



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