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Qualification acceptance

Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma

Cardiff University accepts the Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ) Advanced Diploma for admission to all of its undergraduate degree programmes. If you are taking the WBQ Advanced Diploma, and the University decides to make you an offer for study on any of its programmes, the offer will be based on a pass in the Core plus specified grades and subjects, where applicable, in the Options.

If you are offering the WBQ Advanced Diploma with 2 A-levels, any offer you are made will include the WBQ Advanced Diploma with a pass in the Core and 2 specified A-level grades.

If you are studying the WBQ Core in combination with 3-A levels, any offer you are made for entry will be flexible, allowing you to satisfy the offer EITHER by achieving a WBQ Advanced Diploma with a pass in the Core and 2 specified A-level grades OR grade requirements for the 3 A-levels. Any subject-specific requirements will also be stipulated in the offer.

Find out about each academic School’s WBQ Advanced Diploma entry requirements

For the small number of programmes which require additional qualifications for entry, for example an additional subject at AS level, these requirements will be specified in the programme entry requirements and in the offer conditions.

A-Level A* Grades

Cardiff University has noted the recommendations of the National Council on Educational Excellence, that further evidence for the reliability of the A* grade predictions is required before it enters use in the HE admissions process. With this in mind, the University will not be including the A* grade in its A-level entry requirements or offers for 2012 entry. However, Cardiff University welcomes the stretch and challenge offered by the new A* grade at A-level and, based on experience of the new grade, the current position will be kept under review for future admissions cycles.

14-19 Diploma

Cardiff University encourages applications from students with a wide range of backgrounds and educational experiences. We thus welcome the introduction of the 14-19 Diploma in England and see it as a significant development enhancing opportunity. The University’s Admissions Committee, in conjunction with Admissions Tutors, will continue to review Cardiff’s position and monitor our approach towards the new Advanced Diplomas as new lines of learning are introduced . All applications to the University are considered by Admissions Tutors on their individual merits. Applicants taking Advanced Diplomas will be made offers where their line of learning is compatible with the entry requirements for programme of study.

Cambridge Pre-U

The University welcomes applications from candidates offering the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma qualification and will formulate its offers on an equivalent basis with existing level 3 qualifications. The University will also accept Pre-U Principal Subjects in lieu of GCE A-level subjects.

Key Skills

We warmly welcome evidence of competence in Key Skills and wish to encourage applicants to highlight any such skills in their application. However, for the majority of degree programmes, we do not include success in the Key Skills qualification in our formal entry requirements. If in any doubt, please contact the relevant Admissions Tutor for more specific guidance.

Vocational A-levels

To conform with the normal entry profile of study in Cardiff University, Vocational A-levels will be required, or an alternative acceptable route admission may be by two Vocational A-levels with a further A-level. The acceptability of the units taken in the Vocational A-level and the standard required for entry will vary according to the programme area.

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