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School Selection Procedures - Physics & Astronomy

All applications for a place on any of the Physics and Astronomy degree programmes must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application service. Applications can be made either in the English or the Welsh language.

The School Admissions team will read and review all UCAS applications as they are received at all stages throughout the UCAS cycle. We will check that applicants are studying the required pre-requisites (specifically A-level or equivalent Maths and Physics) and advise them of alternative routes, if they are not. The applicant’s ability will be assessed on their AS level grades and predicted A level (or equivalent) grades. If these fall below our requirement, but this issue is addressed within the personal statement and/or tutor’s reference, ie mitigating circumstances are identified, the application will still be considered.

All applicants assessed by the Admissions tutor as suitable for entry to one of our degree schemes will be invited to visit the school on one of our UCAS Visit Days. We offer applicants the opportunity to discuss their application with us and to ask further questions. The visit includes a tour of some of the University as well as the School of Physics and Astronomy, allowing you to see such facilities as the library, student residences, Students' Union, computer and experimental laboratories and observatory. There are illustrated talks describing the courses and the activities of the School. You will have an opportunity to talk to students and staff, so that you can find out exactly what being a student at Cardiff is like. You can choose to visit the School on a number of alternative dates. Applicants may request an informal interview with a member of staff.

We recognise that if you are a Welsh speaker, you may feel more comfortable speaking to a Welsh speaking personal tutor. Provided there are Welsh-speaking members of staff available, every effort will be made to allocate a Welsh speaker to you.

School Selection Criteria

Predominantly we want to see evidence of a strong ability and enthusiasm for maths and physics subjects. Primarily this evidence will come from awarded and predicted grades. But additional factors such as evidence of extra-curricula academic drive, interesting work placements or experience, additional courses taken, indicate initiative and a keen mind. However, we do appreciate that not all students will have had these opportunities.

As well as these subject specific indicators, we will look favourably on evidence of broader interests and an ability to time manage different aspects of an academic, working and social life. These factors may be many and varied and again respect is given to the range of experience available to different applicants.

Attributes Measure (how?)
Evidence of potential for high academic achievement and a strong work ethic. Predicted and achieved grades in Maths and Physics qualifications.
An academic reference suggesting that the student has a strong aptitude for mathematical science.
Interest in and enthusiasm for the subject. Personal Statement should indicate the applicant’s drive for their chosen subject. Evidence of relevant Work Experience or Placements, additional courses undertaken, and details of academic projects can help to convey this.
An enquiring mind and proof of reasoning and problem solving ability. Qualifications achieved.
Personal statement.
Academic Reference.

Admissions Tests

Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy does not have any standardised admissions test requirements

Selection Interviews

Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy does not routinely interview applicants for its undergraduate programmes, although all applicants invited to a visit day are offered the option of an informal interview.

Additional Requirements for Admission

There are no specific additional requirements for admission.

Use of Contextual Data

All suitable applicants who are eligible for additional consideration will be guaranteed a typical offer on the School of Physics and Astronomy's undergraduate courses, apart from F301, FG31 and FW33. Typical offers can currently be found here.

For details of University policy, please click here.

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