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Transfers - Medicine

Transfers with credit from another Higher Education institution

It is not the usual practice of Cardiff University's Medical School to accept transfers from other medical courses in the United Kingdom. In exceptional cases, for example extraordinary health or personal circumstances, the Board of Medical Studies may agree to a transfer into the MBBCh course. In addition, there must be compatibility between the academic structures of the medical degree programmes of the original medical school and those of Cardiff University, the original university must give its consent, and the transfer must not compromise in any way the learning experience and opportunities of Cardiff University's existing students. Accordingly, opportunities for transfer are few.

The Policy for students requesting transfer to Cardiff Medical School from other UK Undergraduate Medical Courses is published on the Admissions website. Applications for transfer must be received in writing before 30th April for entry in the following session. They must satisfy the criteria listed in the Policy and applicants should provide supporting evidence, including full details of their academic studies and their reasons for wishing to transfer. Transfers into the medical undergraduate programmes from other uncompleted courses are not allowed.

Students on medical courses outside the UK will not be considered for transfer. Those who have previously failed to complete a Medicine degree programme at another UK Medical School will also not be considered.

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