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Transfers - Earth & Ocean Sciences

Transfers with credit from another Higher Education institution

Direct entry to year two of study in the school is possible if subject-relevant, academically equivalent year 1 modules have been passed at another university.

Transfer with credit from another programme at Cardiff University

We are aware that your interests may change during your university career.

Two types of transfer are possible:

  1. Transfer between degree subjects is possible up to the start of year two
  2. Transfer into and out of the MESci schemes is anticipated and planned for

Progress to Years 2 and 3 of the MESci programme is dependent on obtaining 60% average in your Year 1 or 2 assessments.

Transfer from BSc schemes to MESci schemes is only possible at end of Year 1 or end Year 2. It requires either the attainment of a 60% year average or the probability that such a level will be reached at end Year 2.

Transfer out of MESci to the 3-year BSc schemes can take place at end of Year 1 or Year 2. Students unable to continue into year 4 for non-academic reasons will be qualified for a BSc award.

Deferred Entry

The School welcomes applications for deferred entry: the admissions criteria in force at time of application will apply to deferred entry applications.

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