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Part-time study

Students working - 500 x 280The Cardiff School of European Languages, Translation and Politics offers a range of part-time courses

Most of our academic Schools offer part-time courses. They’re ideal if you need to balance study with employment or family commitments - they provide greater flexibility and a less intensive workload whilst still providing all the benefits and support enjoyed by full-time students.

Course length

Part-time courses are usually twice as long as their full-time equivalent. Check our Course Finder for individual courses.

Benefits and support

You’ll enjoy the same benefits and support as full-time students. See the Supporting your Study page for full details.

Tuition fees

Fees are spread evenly over the length of your course. Our tuition fees sheets include a breakdown.

Distance learning

Some courses are also available as distance/e-learning options. They include Orthopaedic Engineering, Clinical Engineering and a range of courses in Medicine and Healthcare.