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Coming to Cardiff

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Arriving in a new place can be a challenging and exciting experience!

At Cardiff, we take great care to help you settle into your new way of life in the University by organising a range of induction activities. At these events you will find all the information, fun and friends you need to settle easily into UK life.

Here are the key events organised for International and European students, coming from outside the UK.

To find the locations you'll need to use the Campus Map

You will receive a welcome pack when you arrive in Cardiff University. In this pack will be a timetable of events. You can also pick up a pack from the International Student Help Desk on the 2nd floor the students’ union.

For more information on what’s happening you can also see:

A tailored programme of events has been organised for different types of students.
Please select your category from the options below:

International Student Information Fair

Friday 19 September 2014
09.30 - 14.00
Great Hall, 1st Floor, Students' Union
Free lunch included!

You will be able to get further advice and information about connecting to the internet, where the best place is to eat or visit in Cardiff, where to buy a mobile phone, help with accommodation, advice on registering with the Police and a doctor in Cardiff, how to get part-time work and anything else that you need to know now you’ve arrived in Cardiff!

Lots of University staff will be at the fair to help you! You’ll also be able to buy tickets at the Fair for the Party and make an appointment to register with the Police (if relevant).

Discover Cardiff (free tour, tea/coffee and cake)

Friday 19 September 2014
14.00 – 16.30
Meet tour guides at the front of Main Building, Museum Avenue (Campus Map 39)

Explore the famous tourist attractions and shopping centres in the city with a 2nd and 3rd year tour guide. Your Tour Guide will be showing you the really useful places in Cardiff on this walking tour.  There will be a competition for the best team photo and free tea/coffee and cake after the tour back at the University.

Parents Welcome Talk

Friday 19 September 2014
11.00 – 12.30
Main Building Council Chambers (Campus Map 39)

If your parents are travelling with you, we have a welcome talk to answer any questions they may have. The Director and Depty Director of the International Office will be welcoming your parents to Cardiff University.

International Students’ Party

Friday 19 September 2014
19.30 – 23.00
Great Hall, Students’ Union

This is a bit special - a Twmpath, a traditional swinging Welsh folk dance. Experience a warm Welsh welcome, meet fellow international students and have a fantastic evening!

Tickets for the party cost £5, but there are only 250 available, so book early online here or when you arrive in Cardiff you can buy tickets at the Students’ Union box office, from the International Student Help Desk from Monday 15 September or at the Information Fair on Friday 19 September.

Welcome Talks and Free Lunch

Saturday 20 September 2014, repeated on Sunday 21 September 2014
12.00 – 14.00
Great Hall, Students’ Union

Important and useful welcome talks! You'll meet other new students, find out what you should be doing now you've arrived in Cardiff and what’s going on in the first few weeks of term. You'll get advice on how to get online or help with your computer. What events are going on in the Union, how to register with the police or doctor and much more help and support from experienced staff.

Open Air Double-Decker Bus Tour of the City and Bay of Cardiff – Cost £5

Saturday 20 September and Sunday 21 September 2014
First tour starts at 10.00 from Cardiff Castle (Campus Map 64)

Enjoy a 1-hour guided bus tour of the beautiful city of Cardiff throughout the day for the reduced price of £5. Bus tours start at the main entrance to Cardiff Castle on Castle Street at 10.00 and leave every 30 minutes until 16.00.

Tell the bus driver that you are an international student from Cardiff University and give them the password "international" for your discounted £5 bus ticket.

Police Registration (Cost £34)

Monday 29 September, Wednesday 1 October, Friday 3 October 2014
9.30 – 14.45
International Office, Deri House, 2-4 Park Grove (Campus Map 60)

Students from certain countries are required to register with the Police within 7 days of arrival in the UK. Appointments can be booked for the Police Registration Service when you arrive in Cardiff at the International Student Help Desk from Monday 15 September – Friday 19 September, Arrivals Reception on Wednesday 17 – Thursday 18 September, at the Information Fair on Friday 19 September or from the International Office from Monday 22 September on ward.

Walking Campus Tours

Monday 22 September2014
Tour departs at 10.00, 11.30, 13.00 and 15.00
Meet tour guides at the front of Main Building, Museum Avenue (Campus Map 39)

Find out where places are on the Cathays campus with 2nd and 3rd year tour guides. Tours take 1 hour and will include practical information on everything from the best place to get cheap food to how to find part-time work.

Welcome to Cardiff Central Library

Monday 22 September 2014
Cardiff Central Library, The Hayes (Campus Map 80)

Find out what books, CDs and DVD's you can borrow for free at Cardiff library. Have a tour of the library, listen to some live music and enjoy some delicious Welsh food. All for free!

Societies and Companies Fairs

Monday 22 September and Tuesday 23 September 2014
10.00 – 17.00
Students’ Union

Joining a society is a fantastic way to meet people! There is a huge range to choose from, see:

A lot of big companies will also be in the Union from Monday – Thursday providing some great offers and free gifts, so here is your chance to get your hands on some free items and discount vouchers!

The Great British Quiz Night

Tuesday 23 September 2014
19.00 – 22.00
CF10, 1st Floor, Students’ Union

Open to all international students. Come to a fun general knowledge quiz about the UK! There will be questions about popular British culture, geography, sport and music. Find out how much or little you know about living in Cardiff and the rest of Britain. Come with a friend or on your own and we'll find you a team! Great prizes on offer for the winners! We will also be giving out the prize to the team that had the best photo from the Discover Cardiff Tour.

Sports and Companies Fair

Wednesday 24 September 2014
10.00 – 17.00
Students’ Union

This is for you if you’re interested in playing sport. Lots of the clubs will be at the fair and you’ll be able to sign up for your favourite sport or try something new…. To see what you could get involved in see:

Students Volunteering and Companies Fair

Thursday 25 September 2014
10.00 – 17.00
Students’ Union

This is a great way to make a difference in your local community and meet local people is by working with elderly, young or disadvantaged people in Cardiff. Student Volunteering Cardiff have a wide variety of different projects which you can choose to fit around your own schedule.

Part Session Erasmus Student Induction Programme starting on Monday 8 September

Student ID Card Collection and Bank Letter Service

Monday 8 September 2014
9.30 – 16.00
4th Floor, Students’ Union (Campus Map 38)

To arrange private accommodation you’ll need to enrol, have a student ID card and bank account. So bring your EU ID card or passport (essential) to complete enrolment and collect your student ID card and bank letters.

House Advice and Welcome Talks

Tuesday 9 September 2014
10.00 – 12.00
Trevithick Building, Seminar Room 1 and 2 (Campus Map 58)
Free tea, coffee and cake included!

Come and listen to several useful talks about what you can expect now you’ve arrived in Cardiff. The talks will include advice on what you need to do in your first few days, where to get help in finding private accommodation, if you need it. You’ll also get information on how to get online and obtain help with your computer, what services are available in the library, how to make the most of the Students’ Union and the events organised by the Erasmus Society just for you.

Housing Help and Advice

Tuesday 9 September 2014
12.30 – 13.30

Wednesday 10 – Friday 12 September 2014
11.00 – 12.00
Global Opportunity Centre, 37 Park Place

Need private accommodation? Having problems finding somewhere to stay in Cardiff? Get help looking for private accommodation from Staff.

Erasmus Welcome Evening

Tuesday 9 September 2014
19.30 – 21.00
CF10, Students’ Union (Campus Map 38)

Have a drink and a chat with your fellow students and students from the Erasmus Society. Perhaps meet your new house mate?!

Discover Cardiff

Thursday 11 September 2014
13.00 – 16.00
Meet tour guides at the front of Main Building, Museum Avenue (Campus Map 39)

Explore the City of Cardiff with your fellow student tour guides. Find all the best places to shop or for a night out in Cardiff on this fact-finding walking tour. You’ll work up an appetite after a 2-hour walk round the city, so come back to the University to see all your photos and enjoy some free tea/coffee and cake!

Welcome to Cardiff

Monday 22 September 2014
10.00 – 11.30
Glamorgan Building Council Chamber

Important and useful welcome talks! You'll meet other new Study Abroad and International Exchange students, find out what you should be doing now you've arrived in Cardiff, how to choose your classes and complete the enrolment process at the University.

Enrolment Support Sessions

Tuesday 23 – Friday 26 September 2014
14.00 – 15.00
Global Opportunity Centre, 37 Park Place

Staff will be available to help you complete the online enrolment process.

Other Activities

In the 3rd and 4th week of September there are lots of new activities taking place in the Students’ Union for all new students. These activities are organised just for you and are intended to give you an idea of what life at Cardiff is like. They also give you the opportunity to meet new friends and settle in before the busy first week of term.

Postgraduate Welcome Events

There are a wide range of activities organised for all postgraduate students from Monday 22 September.

For more information about all these events see: Postgrad Welcome Events website.