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Coming to Cardiff

What sort of work can I do during my studies?

You can do most kinds of work, but you must not:

  • be self-employed
  • be employed as a professional sportsperson or sports coach
  • be employed as an entertainer
  • take a permanent full-time job

It is important to be realistic about the job opportunities available.

In the UK, generally students obtain part-time relatively low paid casual work, (paid at the National Minimum Wage rate). Typically this kind of work includes, working in a shop, a restaurant or bar, as a cleaner, or as a computer data entry clerk.

You cannot rely on securing a part-time job to pay your fees or living expenses.

Work placements

If you have a Tier 4 student visa, you can work full-time on a work placement as long as the work placement is less than 50% of the length of the course. Unless the law says that you must spend more than half of your course doing work placements. This applies to Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Your work placement must be an assessed part of your course, and it can take place at any point in your studies.

For more information about working during your studies, visit the student support website or read more on the UKCISA website.

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