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Coming to Cardiff

What to bring

Planning your trip to the UK can be stressful; here are some tips on what you need to bring in order to make your arrival run smoothly.

Documents that you need in your hand luggage

The following documents are important and should be kept in your hand luggage.

  • Passport
  • Offer letter and/or CAS email from Cardiff University
  • Financial information – Letter from your sponsor (if applicable), or photocopies of the financial documents you submitted with your student visa application
  • University Residences Agreement (if you have received it)
  • Copy of tuberculosis exemption certificate (if applicable)
  • Report of chest X-ray taken in the last 3 months (if applicable)
  • Vaccination certificates or doctor’s letter detailing your vaccinations

How much money to bring

You should bring enough money to cover your costs for the first 2 weeks. You will probably have to buy some basic essentials at the beginning of your stay, so we recommend you bring about £400.Do not bring large amounts of cash, as cash can easily be lost and the University cannot guard it for you. We recommend you bring travellers’ cheques as they are insured against loss and theft. Any bank or post office will cash travellers’ cheques.

Bringing electrical products (including computer and phone) to the UK

Please only bring small items such as hair dryers and shavers. Before you bring an electrical item, you should make sure it is safe to use and compatible with the UK voltage system: 220V. You might need an international voltage converter and possibly a plug adapter that is British Standard compliant (BS1363). Usually, these converters and adapters are available in travel and luggage shops, electronic stores, and airports.

You can bring your laptop and mobile phone with you to Cardiff University but you should check it can work with UK electric supply. It is also important to make sure that your laptop and phone are insured, for travel and your stay in Cardiff. You can check that your computer meets the security requirements for the University’s network by following these instructions: If you prefer you can buy (or rent) a computer at University rates when you arrive.

What clothes you should bring

Students dress very informally in the UK wearing jeans, t-shirts and jumpers.You should bring a warm jumper, jacket and waterproof coat and shoes for the winter and wet weather. We recommend that you do not buy too many winter clothes until you get to Cardiff. You may want to bring formal clothes for special events such as a formal dinner, a ball, or if you are likely to attend an interview for a job. You may also want to bring your national costume for international student events.

Bringing bedding to the UK

You do not need to bring bedding. You can order a bedding pack from the Residences Office before you arrive. This contains: a duvet and duvet cover, single sheet, pillow, pillow case, hand and bath towel. Alternatively you can buy bedding cheaply from Cardiff Market, Tescos Supermarket or Shaws the Drapers when you arrive.

Bringing cooking utensils and food to the UK

You do not need to bring cooking utensils. Your case will be too heavy for you to carry! Do not bring rice cookers, crockpots or other electric kitchenware. You can buy saucepans, plates, other cooking utensils and electric kitchenware cheaply from supermarkets and stores close to University residences.

Do not bring any food into the UK. There are many food items which are illegal to bring into the UK including all dairy, meat and potatoes.You will find that Cardiff has many international food stores and large supermarkets where you will be able to find many ingredients available in your home country.

For more information on banned foods see:

Sending luggage before you arrive

Unfortunately Cardiff University is unable to receive any of your luggage before you arrive at Cardiff.

However, there are several companies that offer services to students to transport excess luggage. They can arrange for your luggage to be put into storage until you arrive, when it can be delivered to you.

Cardiff University does not work with any specific shipping & storage companies, however popular companies include Excess Baggage,,,, Easystore Self Storage and Student Storage Box.