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How long must the money have been in my account?

If you are using your bank account or the bank account of your parents or legal guardian, your money must be held in cash and you must show that you have held the money in your, your parents', or your legal guardians' bank account for at least 28 days prior to the date of your visa application.

Property, shares, bonds, pension funds, life insurance or similar savings accounts will not be accepted.

During the 28 days leading up to the date the bank statement is generated, your balance must not have dropped below the right amount. If it has dropped below the right amount even for just 1 day, you will not meet the financial requirements and your student visa will be rejected.

The money must not be held in a bank or a financial institution which UKVI view as untrustworthy. To check if your bank is viewed as an unsatisfactory financial institution by UKVI see:

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