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Coming to Cardiff

Can I make deductions if I have paid some fees?

Yes, you can deduct the following from the total amount of money you need:

  • the amount you have paid towards course fees


  • up to a maximum of £1000 anything you have paid towards your future Cardiff University residences fees. It is not necessary to pay any residences fees (except for the postgraduate deposit) until you arrive in Cardiff.

You cannot deduct anything for accommodation fees if you arranged the accommodation yourself (in other words, private accommodation).

If you pay all or some of your tuition fees to Cardiff University Finance Office before we send you the CAS email, then the amount you have paid for your tuition fees will be notified directly to the UK Borders Agency and recorded in this CAS email.

We do not recommend that you pay any fees between receiving your CAS email and applying for your visa. If you wish to do so however your CAS will be updated and a new CAS email will be issued upon request.

Please be advised that it can take 2 or more weeks for money to be transferred and a new CAS email to be issued.

If any money you have paid for tuition fees or University residences fees is not shown on the CAS email, then you must provide paper receipts from the University when you submit your student visa application. Online receipts are NOT acceptable and will be ignored by the Immigration Officer.

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