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Coming to Cardiff

When should I arrive in the UK?

When should I arrive in the UK?

If you are coming to Cardiff University to start your course in September you should arrive from Wednesday 16th September. Our Coach Collection Service runs on 16 & 17 September and this is the best time to arrive.

What should I do when I arrive?

If you have applied for and booked University Accommodation, you will be able to move into your room in University Residences from Wednesday 16 September. Once you have settled in to your accommodation you should the start the registration and enrolment process as well as attending the induction and welcome events taking place.

Staying in private accommodation?

If you planning on living in private accommodation we recommend that you arrive a few days early and book temporary hotel accommodation to stay in for a few days whilst you look for private accommodation. 

If you have already booked your private accommodation, you will need to arrange the pick up your keys from your landlord in Cardiff.  So you should go directly to your accommodation.

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